Strange sensation

I have this weird sensation no pain, but when I extend my leg and dorsFlexion and turn my foot it feels like a bubbling sensation and bubbles releasing in my Achilles tendon . It kinda feels like when a stomach gurgles from being hungry if I can explain the sensation. Anyone familiar with this. My [...]

Steps and burning calf * Help *

I have been attending therapy again and travelings no crutches walking to the bus doing nearly 2 hour surgery and going back home via bus. All fine and dandy, I mean my walking speed has increased from 1mph to 1.5 I can walk quicker, but I am holding myself back because the only other time [...]

She cried “Mommy I forgot how to walk”

I went to physical therapy just yesterday, and I was getting a massage done to my leg. In the curtain next to me I hear a little girl and her mother talking about walking. The little girl cries and says “Mommy I forgot how to walk” my heart seized up a little. I felt this [...]

Wall Push UP, Stretch for the calf, but I felt it in my tendon?

I was practicing different wall stretches for my calf muscle and to release the tension in my tendon when I dorsiflexion. So I do a wall push up by standing feet directly beneath me at least 2 feet from the wall and I push forward  and bend my knees and I feel the calf stretch, [...]

Wall stretch achilles. Am I late to the party

I had problems waking up, my foot would hurt when I flexed my foot up dorsiflexion, but  I went up against a wall and pushed my injured foot back stretching the tendon. Now all of a sudden my foot no longer hurts or aches when I dorsiflexion. Has this happened to anyone else? At this [...]

I was wrong

There seems to be no issue with the gap that I felt, since my foot moved during the Thompson test. Plantarflexion movement was good still. I think yesterday was a combination of never hearing my left foot crack and reading every re rupture story and seeing that minor things can cause a re rupture and [...]

9/8/14 Problem Feels like a gap foot feels different

I was laying in bed, I heard two cracks, def different then the popping noise from the first injury. Foot feels different entirely. No pain or resistance when I dorsiflexion which was usually what my foot feels like when I flex it up. The two cracks came when I was doing nothing. I am [...]

Neglect is the only issue

I spent almost 3 weeks out of physical therapy, due to a family member passing. I had worried that I was regressing back due to 3 mishaps that occurred within this time. 1. going up steps and landing my bad foot on a higher step, 2. Using high resistance on stationary bike and pushing with [...]

Achilles Blog. Need some advice about use of bike and pain

After much begging and pleading my family gave up a stationary bike nobody has used in more than 4 years. I began peddling with a little resistance for around 10 minutes. I get off and my foot feels stiff and sore around the Achilles tendon to just right above the back of the heel [...]

Limp is almost gone

I haven’t attended pt for 2 weeks, and have been practicing everything I learned there at home. So far my limp is almost gone, but all I do is practice how to walk. I am curious how long before you can walk up steps? And how does one build up the strength to walk up [...]