Strange sensation

I have this weird sensation no pain, but when I extend my leg and dorsFlexion and turn my foot it feels like a bubbling sensation and bubbles releasing in my Achilles tendon . It kinda feels like when a stomach gurgles from being hungry if I can explain the sensation. Anyone familiar with this. My good foot doesn’t do this.

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  1. Surgeon irrigated with Club Soda?? I got nothing.

  2. Well I have been reading up on it. It doesn’t stay only comes after I walk over a mile. And read that it may be a blood clot. But I don’t have the bruising or swelling or pain. The only thing that matches is that I can’t walk as far as I had been previously walked around 2 miles, but cut back to half that since pain the the bottom of my feet. My surgeon last time I saw him said everything is healing right and dismissed me. I get more info out of my physical therapist. Which sad as it seems I will have to do this Thursday and then maybe get another foot specialist.

  3. Let us know how you get on. Stay positive. So many little pains n sensations to get used to along the way that come and go.

  4. oh man do i have strange sensasions . like really weird sht goin down.

    if you could please what is dorkiflexsion?

  5. Simple ankle flexes come in 2 directions. Dorsi… means toes up, closer to your face. Plantar… means toes down, away from your face. Dorsi stretches your calf and AT, flexing the calf pulls on the AT to make Plantar (though some smaller muscles and tendons can do it without load in an ATR.
    Google knows lots of things, faster than us.

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