Steps and burning calf * Help *

I have been attending therapy again and travelings no crutches walking to the bus doing nearly 2 hour surgery and going back home via bus. All fine and dandy, I mean my walking speed has increased from 1mph to 1.5 I can walk quicker, but I am holding myself back because the only other time I walked quicker I almost tripped. So long story short. I was doing a 6 inch incline at 1.5 for 10 minutes and was speaking with my therapist they said I should be able to walk up and down steps without the handrail. I ask if they are sure they agree, fine I walk off the bus step injured leg first no handrail and then good foot. Instantly I feel what feels like a cramp and burning sensation the cramp persist for about another 5 seconds, but there is also a burning sensation. The kind I felt the first week of walking more than 3 blocks ( I am up to 18 blocks right now, and I don’t feel the burning). Anybody have experience with this, would the burning mean a tear or poor blood flow or body adjusting to a new sensation? I also felt the burn and cramp 3 days prior when walking up a steep street corner had my injured foot planted and used it to propel my good foot up. Anybody with experience lend some. It may also be because I only do a calf stretch once a day.  I can flex my calf myself and I use that as a sign of if there is damage, but does that even matter? Worried and cautious as usual and willing to listen to any and all advice. Worse fear that it is a heavy tear or dvt. Yet not tender to the touch.

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  1. No magic insight here, but (1) if it hurts when you do X, don’t do X, and (2) if something worries you and we don’t have a simple answer here, ask your Doc.

  2. I have an appointment october 7th. Yeah I have stopped trying to walk up the steps or down them. Want to go to the emergency room, but I don’t have persistent pain or anything. Just paying too much attention to my legs in a long time.

  3. Walking up and down real stairs is one thing, but some big “steps” - like getting off a bus - can be extra tall. Not a big deal for a sound body, but an injured leg is different. You should be able to discuss this with somebody on the phone, like a nurse/practitioner in your OS’s office, or your GP.
    Some of these “reinjuries” break up adhesions (especially post-op) and bring benefits after the initial pain and scare. Others cause painful rehab setbacks. (I report on one of those on my blog, and elsewhere. A MONTH of pain from doing too much too soon under my PT’s insistence!)
    There’s probably a third category that contribute to Healing Long or other chronic problems whose causes are poorly understood.
    If you haven’t learned my trick for going down stairs quickly and safely, check it out, on my blog and a dozen or 2 other places. Good for leaving buses, too!

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