She cried “Mommy I forgot how to walk”

I went to physical therapy just yesterday, and I was getting a massage done to my leg. In the curtain next to me I hear a little girl and her mother talking about walking. The little girl cries and says “Mommy I forgot how to walk” my heart seized up a little. I felt this pain to. I asked the therapist if I could talk with the mother, I do and I find out the little girl has the same injury she is only 8 weeks stage similar protocol she has to begin walking and she has crutches still. I show the girl my scar going up my leg and tell her I have the same thing and I wasn’t able to walk, but here I am. I try my best to walk limp free and I succeed the girl says how. And I go practice and therapy. The little girl hit the nail on the head, at least in my case I forgot how to talk still kind of do unless I am watching my feet making sure I don’t get lazy and make sure I do proper heel to toe. I know I get paranoid and yesterday was the first time I walked to the bus stop waited 15 plus minutes for the bus went to therapy, limped out and took the bus back home. This was a challenge, but I did it and I am slightly better from it. Practice my therapy techniques 3 times a day. I have Same rom as my good foot and I as of today have almost regained a natural walk meaning twice the speed. Core muscles really make the difference. I may be behind on account of the time I had accidents, but I feel a little more confident I can do this. I just need one level of paranoia to go away about my good foot. When I step off it my calf muscle cramps a bit and my achilles on that side twinges when I do a heavy step off it. I want to chalk it up to my heavy use of it walking the past 2 weeks. But I feel confident that I am on the right track and I feel by November I will be just right for my 2 week trip in Florida to visit family. Swelling and blood comes to my feet at around 2 hours and 30 mins of having my foot down. I elevate for about a 2-3 minutes and my swelling goes away. I am pleased with that because by the time I board the plane I could easily sit down for the 2 hour 15-40 minute flight. So I am looking forward to it. I just hope by then I can get a seat on the train from the plane to bag pick up. That train goes to fast to not be sitting. Hope all is well with everyone and I hope my paranoia does not ruin my recovery any further then I let it have.

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