Wall Push UP, Stretch for the calf, but I felt it in my tendon?

I was practicing different wall stretches for my calf muscle and to release the tension in my tendon when I dorsiflexion. So I do a wall push up by standing feet directly beneath me at least 2 feet from the wall and I push forward  and bend my knees and I feel the calf stretch, but I feel the bottom of my foot stretch also, and nowhere have I read about this particular stretch doing anything for the tendon. But it def feels looser and that also worries me since it was like a tiny tearing sensation when I went forward and the foot stretched. After the stretch I walk a little quicker, just tested by a walk around the block, but I am cautious because  this site has too many stories of re-rupture and still maintaining function. Now I pose this question to the community anybody have any experience with this particular stretch and feel like doing it to share the sensation. I might be the only one who gets paranoid about these things.

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  1. The stretch you describe (heel on floor, knee bent, lean forward) will stretch your Achilles and soleus muscle. Doing the same thing, but with knee locked straight will stretch your Achilles and gastrocnemius muscle. Both are good to do, as tolerated (i.e. discomfort, ok, but no pain). The result of stretching is to loosen the tendons and muscles, so what you’re experiencing afterwards sounds appropriate. The particular sensation you feel could be adhesions from surgery breaking down, also good, or just the tendon-muscle stretching. If you’re doing these stretches slow and controlled, they would be very unlikely to cause a re-rupture. -David

  2. David You are the man. I worried when I felt a tearing feeling since I felt it on the good leg as the bad leg. I went slow and once I got up movement was way better. I had heel on the floor body slanted and slowly bent my knees. I Never had My pt do any stretch that helped with this. They either do a forced dorsiflexion which doesn’t really help with the stiffness. I would do this exercise everyday, but I don’t want to push it. Strangely enough my walk speed even increased twice over.

  3. You’re not alone feeling paranoid, we all get that at this point I think.. Sound advice from ‘the man’ I think. Good luck n keep going.

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