Wall stretch achilles. Am I late to the party

I had problems waking up, my foot would hurt when I flexed my foot up dorsiflexion, but  I went up against a wall and pushed my injured foot back stretching the tendon. Now all of a sudden my foot no longer hurts or aches when I dorsiflexion. Has this happened to anyone else? At this point I don’t think that I injured it, because I had the scare many times over. But I always felt pain and tightness when I lifted my foot to dorsiflexion, and to just have the pain disappear when I do this. Is the wall stretch the miracle I have been looking for. My mother say it may be pinched nerves that were relieved by the stretch, but I am waiting to hear if anyone else was having pain until they did a wall stretch with the injured leg in the back. Picture below for reference. If this is the answer to my walking problems since that tightness usually stops me from making a longer stride, but not having that pain makes me feel a little over confident. Just someone let me know I am not on the wrong path.

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  1. I wouldn’t call this a miracle cure, but it is a very good stretching exercise for your Achilles’ tendon. At 6 months, I still do this daily, for both legs–and with the knee straight and bent. With knee straight, this stretches your gastrocnemius (along with your Achilles) and with your knee bent, this stretches your soleus muscle (along with your Achilles). Additionally, I’ve been directed by my PTs to also do these stretches with my foot straight ahead, and pointing left and right (so, 6 different stretches in all). Over time, these help to improve your ROM in the dorsiflexion position. BTW, this is also called the runner’s stretch. -David

  2. Well I was having an intense pain when I dorsiflexion my foot, but after this stretch the entire day I had no problem or pain. Have you ever had a pinch nerve react when you dorsiflexion or had that issue.

  3. Yeah, I still stretch this a lot I still stretch with a towel and do the calf stretch like you pictured. I have a little pain but realized some of it had to do with my she’s. I’m a at 17 weeks by the way

  4. Idk, I have problems when I do the towel stretch. But the wall has made it like night and day with how my foot feels. No painful tension when i simply dorsiflexion allows me to walk more and at a longer stride.

  5. Chris I have been having that pinching issue too. It really reared it’s ugly head at PT yesterday. My PT was trying to stretch the achilles and calf, but could not move my foot to dorsiflex enough. She did some manual manipulation by pulling my foot and moving it around in the socket. After a small crack I had full range of motion. She said there are a ton of little joints that can basically freeze up because you haven’t used it and it can cause pinching. Literally immediately after I felt that little crack my foot freed right up. I was able to stand on one leg and actually get my heel off the ground, and she was able to stretch the heck out of my calf. It felt so good. I am now able to do some light wall stretches with no pain. I could not do that on Sunday.

  6. 12-13 weeks in is probably a good time to get more aggressive with DF stretching. Hard to say if it’s locked joints or scar tissue or something else, but retaining DF ROM is important, though it can presumably do serious harm if done too much too soon.

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