I was wrong

There seems to be no issue with the gap that I felt, since my foot moved during the Thompson test. Plantarflexion movement was good still. I think yesterday was a combination of never hearing my left foot crack and reading every re rupture story and seeing that minor things can cause a re rupture and you wouldn’t even know it.  Side note my right foot cracks all the time. Maybe scar tissue came off, or my foot may have fell asleep from not moving it and laying down for a while.  I completed an entire 1 hour 30 minute therapy session. Pt said if I had ruptured there would have been pain and swelling to list a few I had neither.My overactive mind let me think that I may have re ruptured, but thankfully I did not. I think another problem was the pt I was doing was 90 degree squats at pt and at home and I was told I should’t be doing 90 degree squats, and to strengthen my core to help further improve my gait. So false alarm everyone. It doesn’t help that the thought of re rupture passes through my mind most of the day and I have a lot riding on recovery. But I am young and I will pull through. Thanks for all who wished me well yesterday.

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  1. Is hard not to think of every twinge as the beginning of rerupture. I do it too. Part of the recovery road I suppose, doubting and worrying. Glad all is ok.take care.

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