9/8/14 Problem Feels like a gap foot feels different

I was laying in bed, I heard two cracks, def different then the popping noise from the first injury. Foot feels different entirely. No pain or resistance when I dorsiflexion which was usually what my foot feels like when I flex it up. The two cracks came when I was doing nothing. I am panicking right now at this moment. I can move my foot and actually control it, but I am worried I may have overdone it with my pt exercises. Any advice to check for sure before I know this is an issue. I haven’t decided if I should see my doctor until I see the Physical therapist tomorrow and have them check. I have read all the re ruptures and it’s usually hard to self diagnose since most people still retain function but it remains broke. Any help I may not have a problem or I might have a serious problem. I will update tomorrow after my pt check it

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4 Responses to “9/8/14 Problem Feels like a gap foot feels different”

  1. Hi Chris 89. Wishing you good luck and hopefully the crack noises turn out to be nothing. Your PT should be able to help you decide what you should do. Best of luck! :)

  2. Good luck to you on this. Hopefully we’ll hear tomorrow that all is well and you’ll continue on the road to recovery. Wishing you the best results.

  3. If it occurred doing nothing it seems like it would just be scar tissue breaking up, seems weird that your tendon would be weak enough to just tear on its own (and not have had something else tear it). The pt will be able to tell how things are. Best of luck!

  4. I agree, with mags11, that hopefully it is just your scar tissue.. but I would have it checked just in case… to all of you: please be careful also with your PT… I was told that my Achilles was overstretched the first time… take it slow and easy!!

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