Neglect is the only issue

I spent almost 3 weeks out of physical therapy, due to a family member passing. I had worried that I was regressing back due to 3 mishaps that occurred within this time. 1. going up steps and landing my bad foot on a higher step, 2. Using high resistance on stationary bike and pushing with the toes versus the heel, 3. stepping into the bathtub like normal versus the normal cripple way. Each problem caused pain in my foot and I neglected each exercise physical therapy had taught me to do twice a day. I would elevate and ice, but my leg was regressing, the therapist said I should be able to do a one legged stand for 15 seconds, right now I can only hold for 4 seconds. So I was chewed out by the pt. Now something she said that was skeptical to me that I need to ask the people on this blog about, is when you flex your foot down do you sometimes feel pain in the tendon, this occurs only after physical activity, but goes away when I sit down and flex my foot, my pt said this is natural since the tendon is very thick and not flexible and that isn’t a sign of a injury. Plus I have been having a little tightness on the left side of my ankle, pt says this again is because I am not walking properly due to the strength not being present in parts of my leg that I have not exercised at home. So does anybody have that sore stiff feeling after doing an activity and the pain goes away quickly? Thanks for all those that read and reply. I will begin to do my home workouts twice a day and my pt twice a week from here on out.

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  1. I had loads of pain in my tendon for ages. Took about 8 months to go. I think being too aggressive with the stretching did not help.
    I did have a month off all PT at about 6 months as it was so sore. Just active walking only. Never thought it would improve but all good now at just over a year. Thinking about going back to squash!

  2. 8 months of it though. I cringe after finishing an exercise with my legs because it hurts to move it around after that. So I shun to think where I will be at by the end of the year.

  3. In general, I recommend avoiding anything that causes pain. Obviously short-term transient pain is probably less serious than chronic pain, but I think I’d back off enough to avoid all pain. You want to keep advancing at a good rate (comparable to the most successful protocols/studies), but keeping everything incremental.
    Pretty soon, your main overdoing risk will be a serious setback but not rerupture. Still worth avoiding. I had a month-long painful setback, too late for a rerupture but still a major PITAnkle!

  4. Norm, what was the month long painful setback. I mean my doctor and pt are along the same line they both say that pain is good if its temporary. When I do almost anything there is a tiny bit of pain, but again I am not in the business of overdoing it. I want to get better, well enough to pass a physical either by December or February . Whichever date is safer. Thanks

  5. Chris, my blog remembers better than I! It was during my first ATR rehab, a long time ago. First day I could walk perfectly barefoot, my young PT literally paraded me barefoot the length and breadth of the university sports-med clinic! The geezer was the star of the show, recovering from his ATR faster than the undergrads on the varsity teams! :-)
    Then we retired to her station to do the work. Near the end of the session, she told me to do 1-leg heel raises. I refused (because I couldn’t do 8 reps, my rule of thumb for OK intensity) and she insisted. “Just do as many as you can.” (Nobody should EVER tell me that, even UNinjured!)
    I wasn’t smart enough to refuse again, so I grunted out a few. The pain didn’t start for a few hours, but it lasted a month, back in the boot, before I could walk perfectly barefoot again. Don’t Go There!

  6. I see, trust me. I push myself, but when I feel like I can no longer do it I stop. I have had a couple things in therapy I would not do for the requested time. Weighted squats being one of them and standing on a slanted slope stretching the tendon for 20 mins I did for 5 mins that was a little to rough for my tendon at this point. And assisted toe raises were asked to do and I gladly declined. I am not trying to push myself and I even bring my crutches when I go out for a walk. I will be cautious though I am not trying to be set back again.

  7. I have tightness all around my ankle after (and really during) my pt exercises which I think is to be expected. I figure it is due to swelling and just being in a boot for awhile.

    I’ve never had pain when I’ve pointed my foot down which I do a fair amount. But you are a few weeks ahead of me so that could be the reason.

  8. Well the pain is only after doing a lot of walking or doing heel raises and basically after I put a lot of workout into the foot. The pain is there but gone once I flex it. I was told that is just because my tendon is a lot thicker and hard to flex, but we will see. I started fwb a little later than you, so that may or may not have something to do with it.

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