Achilles Blog. Need some advice about use of bike and pain

After much begging and pleading my family gave up a stationary bike nobody has used in more than 4 years. I began peddling with a little resistance for around 10 minutes. I get off and my foot feels stiff and sore around the Achilles tendon to just right above the back of the heel when I flex my foot dorsi or planatar my foot feels a bit painful to move, but after I move my foot up and down for around a minute the pain and stiffness disperses .Will the pain and stiffness not even be there if I condition myself? Or is the temporary pain and stiffness a sign that I am doing too much? Could this also be a sign that I have damaged the tendon, mind you when I take a ten minute walk my foot can flex and not be sore or stiff, just happens when I ride the bike. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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  1. I don’t know.

    But the easiest way to control the AT-challenge level from bicycling is to control your foot position on the pedal. Heel on the pedal =~ 0 challenge. Toe on the pedal +~ maximum challenge. In-between = in-between. In the spirit of INCREMENTALISM, start with your heel on the pedal, and only gradually shift away from there.

  2. I am experiencing a bit of the same thing while using the stationary bike. It’s just swelling in the foot and around the tendon. You would know if you did damage to the tendon. As soon as you are done exercising, ice and elevate. The swelling will go subside very quickly, and you will gain back your ROM. Think about the bike riding motion. Your are basically pumping blood into your feet. My PT told me once I am done on the bike elevate above the heart and ice. Then do ROM exercises after icing while keeping the foot above the heart. This will allow you to do full ROM without the swelling. Then ice again after completing ROM. Stay positive Chris you are doing well. I like reading your posts, because it seems we are at about the same place in recovery.

  3. I would assume as much, but the tendon is sensitive to the touch for a while after and it stays throughout the day. I elevate, but don’t ice. I guess I might have to add ice, and I was doing the front part of my foot not my heel. Yeah the tendon feels intact, but tenderness persists and is only relieved when I touch it. I will try icing it now and practicing range of motion. If I can work something out on the bike I would enjoy that, since I don’t like going outside with this injury. Too many stares wondering why I am walking so slow. Hahha thanks Norm and Dk I guess I will update if anything changes between now and tomorrow.

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