Accident on the steps. Back and forward

Hanging out with my family, easier to go down steps then up them. On my way up, I slipped and stomped down on my injured foot. A lot of pain and swelling and couldn’t walk right. Saw doctor 3 days later said everything is normal, asked for a mri, he declined it, saying he knows what is going on and to trust him. I cautioned that I had read many people who re ruptured doing something similar, and they were able to maintain dorsi and plantar motion, he scoffed at the idea and told me the push off strength was still good meaning no tear. Anyway a week since the accident the pain persisted and I was back to walking with a heavy limp. And just yesterday I was flexing my foot up and down for about a good 2 hours testing my pain threshold, all of a sudden I feel, what I cannot call a pop in my calf and 2 minutes later I feel no pain when I move my foot. I do my bedtime pt exercises, wake up and my rom is back to normal, my walk is back to less of a limp. At this point my only problems is my big toe is still stiff. Anyone have any experience with injuring their foot and not re-rupturing ? and toe stiffness? and a calf muscle twitch that helped foot movement?

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  1. No advice I’m afraid, just sympathy and wishes for speedy recovery from your set back. Sounds painful. Hope someone can give some feedback on their experience. Good luck and take care.

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