Simon says, 2 shoes

My Surgeon says that I should be 2 shoes, no crutches starting yesterday. Wear sneakers indoors and walk around, told me to not even elevate my leg. Was astounded by the strength back in my foot. My doctor tested this by me pushing him while he was on a rolling chair, mind you he is 6′2 and 270 easily. He said the limp is normal and I can walk normal given a week or two of gait training, told me ” the mind is blocking you from wanting to walk straight”, also told me to relax in therapy, not to push myself in dorsiflexion ( I would let the therapist go to beyond tensing and at an extreme pain threshold), he even recommended that I practice more plantarflexion since it was less risky. He had a touch over the Achilles and again was blown away at how well the achilles was recovering said, there was nothing wrong with the injury and that I am miles ahead of the average patient, but warned me when I suggested walking to pt, he said to use a cane for stability and walk slow. I have demoed what he told me and this morning for the first time in a long time I made myself breakfast sans crutches, went to the bathroom sans crutches. I can for the most part get up from a sitting position with 50 50 weight on both legs, before I had an issue with that. I just want to say I am grateful for the people on this site who share all their progress, I learn a lot from everyone, would also like to thank Norm specifically, Norm your knowledge has proven me wrong and helped me progress and helped me learn how to talk to my surgeon better, I can ask questions and get the proper feedback. I wish a speedy recovery to everyone here. Today is another day of Pt, so I can’t wait to turn down the dorsiflexion when I get to that part.

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  1. Congratulations on making the move to two shoes! I bet you feel wonderful. The only thing I don’t understand is why were you using your crutches for so long? It just seems like a big jump from booth with crutches to two shoes no crutches.

  2. In response to Atr. Well SInce I had the boot, I was stubborn to wear it indoors only when I went outside. In pt I asked to start weight bearing sans boot. So I would basically do barefoot weight bearing with the two crutches and practice a 3 point gait, then my pt had me do a 2 point gait early last week, then last week Thursday I would do gait training no crutches, It wasn’t even a limp and I would condition my own weight bearing, by doing bridges on my bed then stepping up to lifting my right foot to put weight on the injured, now I can lift my right leg and support my weight on the left enough to walk. So yeah, I just think my surgeon, has a very aggressive recovery protocol, Before he wanted me 3 weeks in the boot, now he wants me out completely. I for the most part follow directions, but I put a little more effort every now and then.

  3. Congratulations! How exciting it must be to be in two shoes. Keep up the great work and I’m certain your limp will be gone in no time! Nothing like determination to get you there!

  4. Sounds like we’re about in the same spot. In two shoes (all day) for the first time, today. Spent the past week wearing/walking in tennis shoes for a few hours at a time, so the total switch wasn’t TOO bad. Worked my way up to almost a mile on the neighborhood sidewalks, but still limping and slow. Hopefully, the PT will correct that over time. It IS great to get out of the boot, though! Best of luck on your progress!

  5. Thanks Becky, But I am curious how you just begin at a mile. I am just 3 days in 2 shoes, and It is something for me to just walk, mind you this has improved I can now make 4 trips from the bathroom to the kitchen without a problem. But my main problem is my big toe is stiff if will not flex, but yeah, sticking to indoors till i get rid of the limp and I can flex a little more, my area has to many uneven sidewalks. Thanks and yeah greatest feeling to be walking on my own two feet again.

  6. Hey Chris, I’m ahead of you by a couple of weeks. I didn’t have this toe stiffness. Did you have a graft done? Are you doing your toe curls with the towel? Might be something physical therapy can take care of

  7. I pick up marbles with my foot, I didn’t get a toe graft, Just very hard to flex my big toe. When i flex it with my hand it hurts. Yeah, when I see my pt this Monday I will ask about it, but I am scared hahaha that they will go overboard on the pt.

  8. Hey Chris89,

    My big toe was stiff and jammed up for a while after I went into two shoes, too. There was pain when I tried to curl it and it felt like the knuckle/joint needed to “pop.” It eventually worked itself out after a week or two without any kind of PT or stretching, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

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