First steps, no crutches week 7. Pictures

Ohh boy do I have a limp. Took my first real steps unassisted today and I have a few concerns, before the steps I had tightness in the back of my leg when I did dorsiflexion, after the steps the tightness in my leg is gone when I do dorsiflexion now. Is it like this for anyone else? or am I overdoing it by stepping on it at week 7 with full weight. Thanks and would love to hear feedback.

Btw the scar pictures took these at 6 weeks and 2 days.
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  1. Is this in a boot or in shoes? I’ve been walking in a boot for about 10 days and it felt all sorts of weird for about a day or two but since then I don’t feel any pain, tightness or swelling. In fact it actually feels “good” walking in a boot now.

    If it is shoes I don’t know what the feeling would be!

  2. Its barefooted and in therapy 2 shoes. But I mean when you flex your foot up do you feel the tension, then after walking less tension.

  3. Yeah, I’m at 13 weeks and still have some stiffness. Do your exercises everyday, twice a day. It will get better and better. Have you started your pt?

  4. I can’t believe you can walk barefoot!!!! I am six weeks post-op and can’t imagine being barefoot (I ruptured my Achilles jumping rope barefoot). Wearing a shoe with wedges might be doable for me in a couple of weeks but definitely not barefoot. You must be on a very aggressive recovery / rehab program if you can walk barefoot already.

  5. Well since week 6 I was practicing a 3 point gait in therapy with the crutches and moved up in two shoes pwb. So yesterday I tested my legs by doing that I might have rushed things, but I don’t know because I dorsiflexion and it feels less tense versus before when I began barefoot walking. Everyone heals different, but yeah I have been on the more aggressive side. Early weight bearing done right might yield lower chances or re - rupture so I try to push myself. It began with in bed bridges and putting more weight on it. I am a fat guy so staying in bed wont help me. I am trying to get out of bed asap.

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