Achilles Blog. Need some advice about use of bike and pain

After much begging and pleading my family gave up a stationary bike nobody has used in more than 4 years. I began peddling with a little resistance for around 10 minutes. I get off and my foot feels stiff and sore around the Achilles tendon to just right above the back of the heel [...]

Limp is almost gone

I haven’t attended pt for 2 weeks, and have been practicing everything I learned there at home. So far my limp is almost gone, but all I do is practice how to walk. I am curious how long before you can walk up steps? And how does one build up the strength to walk up [...]

Accident on the steps. Back and forward

Hanging out with my family, easier to go down steps then up them. On my way up, I slipped and stomped down on my injured foot. A lot of pain and swelling and couldn’t walk right. Saw doctor 3 days later said everything is normal, asked for a mri, he declined it, saying he knows [...]

Simon says, 2 shoes

My Surgeon says that I should be 2 shoes, no crutches starting yesterday. Wear sneakers indoors and walk around, told me to not even elevate my leg. Was astounded by the strength back in my foot. My doctor tested this by me pushing him while he was on a rolling chair, mind you he is [...]

First steps, no crutches week 7. Pictures

Ohh boy do I have a limp. Took my first real steps unassisted today and I have a few concerns, before the steps I had tightness in the back of my leg when I did dorsiflexion, after the steps the tightness in my leg is gone when I do dorsiflexion now. Is [...]