Today is a day shy of 6 weeks. 5 sessions of PT, very sore some popping

Wow time is flying, but this recovery is not, but this is to be expected. Got out of the cast the 23rd and now I am attending pt 3 times a week almost. Things have went by quick once the boot was given, deep tissue massages a lot of stretching out of the boot and 10-40 percent weight bearing on the left foot without a boot. I went from no movement in the ankle to being able to do a whole entire range of motions, but today in pt was the second time I got what I think is a deep tissue massage all around the scar, and a lot of massaging of the Achilles tendon. I heard some minor popping noises, my physical therapist assured me that this was just the scar tissue breaking up. I still have the ability to move my foot in all directions to an extent. I was curious anyone have any similar experience when they massage the area. Plus when I was weight bearing towards 40 % I began to sweat and shake, my entire body. Am i pushing my recovery or am I just right. Like I said my doctor thinks I only need 3 weeks time in the boot. And I rarely use the boot since it is gigantic, I prefer to do rom all day with light weight bearing on my left foot. Another thing, when I tried weight bearing and bending both of my knees I felt an unbearable stretching at the tendon, again i want to know if anybody thinks I am overdoing my pt, or not. Handling the pain is nothing, but I don’t want to damage myself to the point I need another surgery. I want to be cautious since 1). I am a big guy ( a lot more weight than most on this site) 2). I have a high tolerance to pain, so the pain I do feel I would consider pushing it anyway. Any tips advice or similar experience would be appreciated.

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  1. My PT said a pain level of 3 out of 10 is acceptable so “unbearable” may be a bit of a stretch. Sounds like you’re ahead of the current protocol timeline so no stress there. I’m 6′3″ 205… I keep a spreadsheet of my home exercises which has helped me stay diligent and as my total number gets larger (all reps adding up) I feel a sense of accomplishment. Like scoring points in a game. Happy Healing!

  2. 6′3 205, lucky. I am 5,8 with 300 pounds. Only good thing I lost 15 pounds since the injury, change of diet. So idk how it works, but 300 for one injured leg is hard, I remember when I could do 900 plus weight on my legs, now I can’t put much weight on my left. But in your pt did you ever get a deep tissue massage around the Achilles?

  3. Yes the deep tissue AT massage is a little rough on Satuurdays because I go to PT two days in a row. Schedule is Wed, Fri, Sat.

  4. If your boot is sized and fitted properly, rocking both knees forward should not cause ANY “stretching at the tendon”, much less unbearable stretching.
    It’s true that your FW is more than most, and maybe more than the boot makers had in mind. But if the straps are snug and the boot fits well (and you haven’t left out any parts, like the tongue bit on the AirCast), I’d expect it to do your AT’s job, so your healing AT can relax. Especially bending both knees, with only half your weight on the boot. And even walking FWB, with all of it (later}.

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