Week 3 stitch removal. 90 degree angle no way/ Pictures

Today was my third visit with my surgeon, quick in an out. They took my half cast off and threw it out, wish I could had kept the cast since I have the other half at home. So anyway they removed my stiches, with a little bit of bleeding, but I was told this is normal when removing stiches. Fear averted, I didn’t break anything, nwb the whole time. The wound was clean, no infection, the doctor said the wound is healing nice. My foot is very stiff, I could barely move it and when I did they tried to get it into the 90 degree position to put a fiberglass cast on. Usually I am great with pain, but my tendon felt like it would pop, so they stopped and kept it at 45 degrees, I was tense the entire time. My surgeon walked in and was upset that his assistants didn’t place my foot at 90 degrees like he asked, but they pleaded that it wasn’t feasible at the time. My surgeon said this was normal for my foot to be this stiff, and I should seek a physical therapist as soon as possible. So today will be spent calling places and seeing what place is best for me meaning, take my insurance, dealt with this before, and in a close distance from my home. Once that is all set up I will see them and start the physical therapy. I need to get 1 or 2 sessions in before my 7/23/14 follow up with my surgeon, he said I will get a boot to practice pwb and fwb. Now my question to those of you out there how many of you had issues moving your foot to the 90 degree angle after close to 4 weeks? What was therapy like around 4 weeks with the stiffness? And does the boot start you at 90 degrees? Again I believed I was great with pain until they put my foot into the 90 degree position I winched and had a very tense feeling in the Achilles and this was the position my surgeon wanted it stuck in. So any thoughts btw some pictures.

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  1. 45° is huge!! I’m not sure I can PF either ankle that far! Neutral may be too far too soon - UWO stays at 2cm heel wedges =~20° PF for 6 weeks - but modest moves toward neutral often feel good, because the calf muscles have been contracted for weeks. I hope he didn’t trim and connect your AT way short, like my first OS did. It ended up messing up that knee, details on my blog.

  2. Did you ask him why a fg cast is better than a boot? (Trick Q: It ISN’T!)

  3. Norm, Idk it only covers the back of my foot. And he said I get the book next wed on the 23rd, that is 4 weeks and 3 days after my initial surgery. So 45 degrees at week 3 going on 4 is okay in sense of degrees. Because I am telling you they put it at 90 and I was in a world of pain, I think more so feeling like my tendon would pop at that angle. I had to get a graft so It may be a little short. I will check out the exact details in your blog. After I get off the phone with all the physical therapist.

  4. I wouldn’t worry much about it being repaired short, since there’s not much you can do about it if it is, other than stretch a lot for the rest of your life. And my short repair took around 10 years to kick my knee out of alignment, so it’s hardly urgent.
    Some people do Heal Long (post-op and non-op), and we always assume it’s from stretching too much too soon (including slips and falls), though we’re just putting 2 and 2 together and getting whatever we get. If that worked reliably, it could be a prompt cure for a too-short repair, but I don’t think anybody trusts it enough to recommend it.

    Ankle angle labels are confusing, since we usually refer to neutral (a 90-degree angle) as “zero”, as in zero plantarflexion. (Fortunately, 45 degrees is the same either way!) I think most manufacturer of hinged boots use that terminology, but maybe not.

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