My injury 5 days post op scar Picture

Just wanted to share, and test the feature to show pictures. Lmk what you guys think, the injury was the first time my surgeon had to cut that high. I did a number on myself I know. The thought was since I wasn’t yelling  in the Er, that it was a partial tear, and the X-ray didn’t say much, but lo and behold a large tear. So the surgery went from 2-3 hours to around 5 hours. I will provide another picture at my 2nd post op visit after this Tuesday coming up. Anyway have a great day everyone. My os says that the stitches will be removed and I will get a boot some time next week, when I will be fwb according to my doctor, but I will see and not overdo things.


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  1. Wow–that is a long incision! However, the wound looks to be healing very nicely with minimal bruising–that’s the most important thing at this stage. Take care. -David

  2. Agree with David! That looks like a long incision! Mine was done horizontally (don’t know what this procedure is called) and I have about 2/3cm horizontal scar but now it’s not quite visible as it kinda blends in with the creases you normally have at the back of the ankle. Keep it dry!

  3. That is a very large incision indeed! The stitching looks good and it looks like everything is healing nicely. How were you able to post a photo? I have not been successful and I have followed the instructions Dennis posted.

  4. Atr, it is simple. When making a new post. Look a little above where you write and it will say visual and html. Click atl and then enter the code this is the code I put when I switched it to html and then I switch to visual to see what the html was posted in.

    yeah a large incision inedeed

  5. Definitely a longer cut than mine, but it looks like a really nice job by the surgeon! Looking good!

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