Strange sensation

I have this weird sensation no pain, but when I extend my leg and dorsFlexion and turn my foot it feels like a bubbling sensation and bubbles releasing in my Achilles tendon . It kinda feels like when a stomach gurgles from being hungry if I can explain the sensation. Anyone familiar with this. My good foot doesn’t do this.

Steps and burning calf * Help *

I have been attending therapy again and travelings no crutches walking to the bus doing nearly 2 hour surgery and going back home via bus. All fine and dandy, I mean my walking speed has increased from 1mph to 1.5 I can walk quicker, but I am holding myself back because the only other time I walked quicker I almost tripped. So long story short. I was doing a 6 inch incline at 1.5 for 10 minutes and was speaking with my therapist they said I should be able to walk up and down steps without the handrail. I ask if they are sure they agree, fine I walk off the bus step injured leg first no handrail and then good foot. Instantly I feel what feels like a cramp and burning sensation the cramp persist for about another 5 seconds, but there is also a burning sensation. The kind I felt the first week of walking more than 3 blocks ( I am up to 18 blocks right now, and I don’t feel the burning). Anybody have experience with this, would the burning mean a tear or poor blood flow or body adjusting to a new sensation? I also felt the burn and cramp 3 days prior when walking up a steep street corner had my injured foot planted and used it to propel my good foot up. Anybody with experience lend some. It may also be because I only do a calf stretch once a day.  I can flex my calf myself and I use that as a sign of if there is damage, but does that even matter? Worried and cautious as usual and willing to listen to any and all advice. Worse fear that it is a heavy tear or dvt. Yet not tender to the touch.

She cried “Mommy I forgot how to walk”

I went to physical therapy just yesterday, and I was getting a massage done to my leg. In the curtain next to me I hear a little girl and her mother talking about walking. The little girl cries and says “Mommy I forgot how to walk” my heart seized up a little. I felt this pain to. I asked the therapist if I could talk with the mother, I do and I find out the little girl has the same injury she is only 8 weeks stage similar protocol she has to begin walking and she has crutches still. I show the girl my scar going up my leg and tell her I have the same thing and I wasn’t able to walk, but here I am. I try my best to walk limp free and I succeed the girl says how. And I go practice and therapy. The little girl hit the nail on the head, at least in my case I forgot how to talk still kind of do unless I am watching my feet making sure I don’t get lazy and make sure I do proper heel to toe. I know I get paranoid and yesterday was the first time I walked to the bus stop waited 15 plus minutes for the bus went to therapy, limped out and took the bus back home. This was a challenge, but I did it and I am slightly better from it. Practice my therapy techniques 3 times a day. I have Same rom as my good foot and I as of today have almost regained a natural walk meaning twice the speed. Core muscles really make the difference. I may be behind on account of the time I had accidents, but I feel a little more confident I can do this. I just need one level of paranoia to go away about my good foot. When I step off it my calf muscle cramps a bit and my achilles on that side twinges when I do a heavy step off it. I want to chalk it up to my heavy use of it walking the past 2 weeks. But I feel confident that I am on the right track and I feel by November I will be just right for my 2 week trip in Florida to visit family. Swelling and blood comes to my feet at around 2 hours and 30 mins of having my foot down. I elevate for about a 2-3 minutes and my swelling goes away. I am pleased with that because by the time I board the plane I could easily sit down for the 2 hour 15-40 minute flight. So I am looking forward to it. I just hope by then I can get a seat on the train from the plane to bag pick up. That train goes to fast to not be sitting. Hope all is well with everyone and I hope my paranoia does not ruin my recovery any further then I let it have.

Wall Push UP, Stretch for the calf, but I felt it in my tendon?

I was practicing different wall stretches for my calf muscle and to release the tension in my tendon when I dorsiflexion. So I do a wall push up by standing feet directly beneath me at least 2 feet from the wall and I push forward  and bend my knees and I feel the calf stretch, but I feel the bottom of my foot stretch also, and nowhere have I read about this particular stretch doing anything for the tendon. But it def feels looser and that also worries me since it was like a tiny tearing sensation when I went forward and the foot stretched. After the stretch I walk a little quicker, just tested by a walk around the block, but I am cautious because  this site has too many stories of re-rupture and still maintaining function. Now I pose this question to the community anybody have any experience with this particular stretch and feel like doing it to share the sensation. I might be the only one who gets paranoid about these things.

Wall stretch achilles. Am I late to the party

I had problems waking up, my foot would hurt when I flexed my foot up dorsiflexion, but  I went up against a wall and pushed my injured foot back stretching the tendon. Now all of a sudden my foot no longer hurts or aches when I dorsiflexion. Has this happened to anyone else? At this point I don’t think that I injured it, because I had the scare many times over. But I always felt pain and tightness when I lifted my foot to dorsiflexion, and to just have the pain disappear when I do this. Is the wall stretch the miracle I have been looking for. My mother say it may be pinched nerves that were relieved by the stretch, but I am waiting to hear if anyone else was having pain until they did a wall stretch with the injured leg in the back. Picture below for reference. If this is the answer to my walking problems since that tightness usually stops me from making a longer stride, but not having that pain makes me feel a little over confident. Just someone let me know I am not on the wrong path.

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I was wrong

There seems to be no issue with the gap that I felt, since my foot moved during the Thompson test. Plantarflexion movement was good still. I think yesterday was a combination of never hearing my left foot crack and reading every re rupture story and seeing that minor things can cause a re rupture and you wouldn’t even know it.  Side note my right foot cracks all the time. Maybe scar tissue came off, or my foot may have fell asleep from not moving it and laying down for a while.  I completed an entire 1 hour 30 minute therapy session. Pt said if I had ruptured there would have been pain and swelling to list a few I had neither.My overactive mind let me think that I may have re ruptured, but thankfully I did not. I think another problem was the pt I was doing was 90 degree squats at pt and at home and I was told I should’t be doing 90 degree squats, and to strengthen my core to help further improve my gait. So false alarm everyone. It doesn’t help that the thought of re rupture passes through my mind most of the day and I have a lot riding on recovery. But I am young and I will pull through. Thanks for all who wished me well yesterday.

9/8/14 Problem Feels like a gap foot feels different

I was laying in bed, I heard two cracks, def different then the popping noise from the first injury. Foot feels different entirely. No pain or resistance when I dorsiflexion which was usually what my foot feels like when I flex it up. The two cracks came when I was doing nothing. I am panicking right now at this moment. I can move my foot and actually control it, but I am worried I may have overdone it with my pt exercises. Any advice to check for sure before I know this is an issue. I haven’t decided if I should see my doctor until I see the Physical therapist tomorrow and have them check. I have read all the re ruptures and it’s usually hard to self diagnose since most people still retain function but it remains broke. Any help I may not have a problem or I might have a serious problem. I will update tomorrow after my pt check it

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Neglect is the only issue

I spent almost 3 weeks out of physical therapy, due to a family member passing. I had worried that I was regressing back due to 3 mishaps that occurred within this time. 1. going up steps and landing my bad foot on a higher step, 2. Using high resistance on stationary bike and pushing with the toes versus the heel, 3. stepping into the bathtub like normal versus the normal cripple way. Each problem caused pain in my foot and I neglected each exercise physical therapy had taught me to do twice a day. I would elevate and ice, but my leg was regressing, the therapist said I should be able to do a one legged stand for 15 seconds, right now I can only hold for 4 seconds. So I was chewed out by the pt. Now something she said that was skeptical to me that I need to ask the people on this blog about, is when you flex your foot down do you sometimes feel pain in the tendon, this occurs only after physical activity, but goes away when I sit down and flex my foot, my pt said this is natural since the tendon is very thick and not flexible and that isn’t a sign of a injury. Plus I have been having a little tightness on the left side of my ankle, pt says this again is because I am not walking properly due to the strength not being present in parts of my leg that I have not exercised at home. So does anybody have that sore stiff feeling after doing an activity and the pain goes away quickly? Thanks for all those that read and reply. I will begin to do my home workouts twice a day and my pt twice a week from here on out.

Achilles Blog. Need some advice about use of bike and pain

After much begging and pleading my family gave up a stationary bike nobody has used in more than 4 years. I began peddling with a little resistance for around 10 minutes. I get off and my foot feels stiff and sore around the Achilles tendon to just right above the back of the heel when I flex my foot dorsi or planatar my foot feels a bit painful to move, but after I move my foot up and down for around a minute the pain and stiffness disperses .Will the pain and stiffness not even be there if I condition myself? Or is the temporary pain and stiffness a sign that I am doing too much? Could this also be a sign that I have damaged the tendon, mind you when I take a ten minute walk my foot can flex and not be sore or stiff, just happens when I ride the bike. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Limp is almost gone

I haven’t attended pt for 2 weeks, and have been practicing everything I learned there at home. So far my limp is almost gone, but all I do is practice how to walk. I am curious how long before you can walk up steps? And how does one build up the strength to walk up steps normally? I can probably walk up and down steps with the handrail but I want to be sure I could do it without it before I try. I don’t know if I am going too quick or too slow on my recovery, but after the recent scare I had I am just trying to make sure I do everything right to not re-rupture. I am crossing my fingers that I can return to normalcy. Best of luck to everyone.

Update. The method for strong foot up and weak foot down worked like a charm. To not use crutches or look weird going up and down steps is a blessing. Was able to buy milk from the corner store.