I climbed Moro Rock!

For labor day weekend (which I realize was over a week ago… but I’m lazy about posting!!!) my friends managed to convince me to join them on their camping trip to Sequoia National Park.  Going was totally worth it.  Especially for a city boy like me who has never seen trees so big in my life.  At that [...]

I think I’m going insane

Everyday is the same.  I wake up, eat breakfast, do a couple of sudoku puzzles, peruse the internet, watch some tv, eat a snack, play some video games, maybe talk on the phone, eat some dinner, do some physical therapy exercises, watch more tv/play more video games/peruse the internet a little longer, go to sleep.  [...]

The energy bill is up

My energy bill went up $80 as a result of me lazing around the apartment blasting the A/C 24 hours a day.  I know living in LA allows me no bearing to complain about the weather but boy is it HOT this summer!

Go watch the Dark Knight!!

If you haven’t seen it already.  That movie seriously rules.  I only mention it here because my friends and I went to watch it at an IMAX where you can reserve your seats in advance - so no line waiting (or is that all IMAXes?)!!  Anyways, my friend bought me a handicapped seat because of [...]


After 4 hard days of work, I have successfully imported my entire cd collection into iTunes.  That’s 2093 songs, or 5.7 days of music, or 11.22 GB of music raising my total to 4547 songs/12.7 days/23.17GB.  Considering how many CD’s I have, how rarely I listen to most of them(most were purchased back in high [...]

My calf is shrinking!!!

I was so excited today.  I finally got to take my boot off to shower after days of avoiding showering due to the intense yoga positions needed in order to keep my injured leg from getting wet.  My excitement died when I saw my leg.  First off, the stitches and everything are just ugly.  Then [...]

My attempt at contributing to the community

About a week after the surgery my injured side (right) calf started to feel the way calves do immediately after cramping up.  I thought that was strange considering I’m obviously not using that calf for anything.  I noticed in the FAQ(question 9, post-op to 4-weeks) that there was a question about that very issue but there was no [...]

It’s not all bad….

I got to ride the electric shopping cart thing at Target without looking immature (despite my immature look)!  Too bad the actual ride was a disappointment though.  It has no power and when you back up it starts beeping like a truck (which drew a number of chuckles).  All in all a good time!!
Something I [...]

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Hi, I’m a lazy guy.  I came across this site because I ruptured my achilles and I wanted to know how long I could lie around at home before I would be forced to return to the working world.
To anybody who sees this, I think this is a really valuable resource so thank you mr [...]

Hello world!

Welcome to Achillesblog.com.
This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
Please change this post’s Title to something more descriptive. Just leaving it as “Hello World” leads people to believe that you haven’t updated your first post!
Be sure to fill out your achilles rupture date and surgery date (if you [...]