I climbed Moro Rock!

For labor day weekend (which I realize was over a week ago… but I’m lazy about posting!!!) my friends managed to convince me to join them on their camping trip to Sequoia National Park.  Going was totally worth it.  Especially for a city boy like me who has never seen trees so big in my life.  At that point I was already hobbling around crutchless with the boot, but I decided to bring my crutches because I move much faster in them and did not want to slow anybody down during the hikes.  I managed to complete an approximately 2 mile hike on crutches over uneven (but fortunately paved) terrain.  I also climbed Moro Rock!  That was about 350+ steps up a 0.25 mile trail approximately 300 feet up from the trail start.  On the way up people were looking at me like I was crazy for doing it with crutches, but I figured I had come all the way out there I might as well see all the sights and not let myself be limited by my injury.  There were also a lot of people that encouraged me on the way up.  And the view at the top was spectacular!  My hands paid the price though because I developed some blisters and callouses from all the crutching activities, but all in all a great time!

My doctor gave me the OK to start driving on 9/1/08 which means back to work I go.  And boy did they work me to the bone the last week.  I operate off a 4/10 (4 days a week, 10 hour shift) 28 day flex schedule and it just so happened that my schedule was set so most of my days off were at the beginning of the current 28 day DP (deployment period).  So I came back and worked six 10 hour shifts in 7 days.  Then on the last day right before my ‘weekend’ the DA managed to track me down so I had to spend another day sitting in court.  Boo!  So really, today is only my 2nd day off in the last 9 days and then I’m back to work for another 4!  I know it sounds like I’m complaining about what others consider a ‘normal’ schedule but I’m used to working 3 days a week for 12 hour shifts and having on average 4 days a week off.

As for my ankle it finally feels like it is getting better.  I took the boot off for good last week (the day I went back to work).  Boy do I hate that boot!  My doctor instructed me to wear heel lifts in my shoes.  When I went to physical therapy my therapist did not like the way I was limping so he gave me a cane and told me to work on bending my knee more.  He also gave me more exercises to do, which largely consist of balance exercises that remind me of the DUI field sobriety test.  The first couple days of walking and working caused my foot to swell up pretty good and I also experienced some pain in my calf. 

All in all I am glad to be back on my own two feet and able to care for myself.  I also enjoy the liberating feeling of being able to drive again.  Thank you to those that provided encouragement on my last post.  I know others have it much worse than I do so I shouldn’t have complained but I was getting a major case of cabin fever back there. 

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  2. Thanks for your sharing. Good luck to you.

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