The energy bill is up

My energy bill went up $80 as a result of me lazing around the apartment blasting the A/C 24 hours a day.  I know living in LA allows me no bearing to complain about the weather but boy is it HOT this summer!

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  1. I’m up here in San Francisco and Oakland, and it’s been a very blessedly cool summer. I wonder, would it be better to have this injury in winter - but then it’s raining, so that’s hard, too. You can have the heat down there in LA!

  2. I can relate to that. I get home from light duty @ the unACed lifeguard staiton,and ac is like a drug. Let me tell you, N FL in August is HOT. Not to say that LA isn’t , but our humidity is legendary. I am thankful I can can take off my boot for a minute or two. Stay cool. Matt

  3. I can’t believe you guys are complaining about the heat?!
    It’s August 7th and it’s rained off and on here (just outside Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK) for about a week and I’ve got cold toes!

    At least I won’t have ridiculous tan-lines I suppose.

    Fancy a swap?


  4. I agree with Jon,

    Here in ‘rainy’ Manchester we have had the central heating on in the office for the last few days, crazy!! We are hoping the sun might stay with us today as my hubby has tried for the last few days to get to watch Lancashire Cricket club play but we have had some torrential rain, and more predicted for the weekend.

    Don’t want it to be scortching hot, just a nice summer temperature where I could get out into the garden sometime.


  5. Yeah dude, you can’t complain when you live in LA. It’s been hot here too but try paying a visit to this neck of the woods (Toronto area) in 4-5 months in the snow and bitter cold.

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