Go watch the Dark Knight!!

If you haven’t seen it already.  That movie seriously rules.  I only mention it here because my friends and I went to watch it at an IMAX where you can reserve your seats in advance - so no line waiting (or is that all IMAXes?)!!  Anyways, my friend bought me a handicapped seat because of my condition.  When we got inside the theater we couldn’t find the actual ’seat.’  That’s when we realized that a handicap ’seat’ was just a space where you can sit in a wheelchair.  Haha, we had a good laugh about it until I realized that I didn’t have a wheelchair.  Where was I going to sit?  Luckily, for some reason, there is an unused row in the top corner which a kind usher directed me to.  It actually worked out better because there was so much extra space I could use a seat to put my leg up.  And lie down to take a nap if the movie was boring.  But it wasn’t boring, it rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I had similar experience when going to watch Manchester City Football Club, they provided me with a disabled ’seat’ but luckily for me I had borrowed a wheelchair to get me there.

    The Club did however, bring an ordinary chair so that my husband could sit next to me, also the view from the disabled section was fantastic.


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