After 4 hard days of work, I have successfully imported my entire cd collection into iTunes.  That’s 2093 songs, or 5.7 days of music, or 11.22 GB of music raising my total to 4547 songs/12.7 days/23.17GB.  Considering how many CD’s I have, how rarely I listen to most of them(most were purchased back in high school when I was a loyal BMG customer that never passed up a 6 CDs for 1 deal), and the fact that I prefer to encode at a higher bit rate (192 kbps vs the standard 128 kbps) it makes me wonder why in the world anybody would need the 160 GB iPod.  If I were to purchase the 80 GB iPod it would probably suffice for the rest of my life!

I know, I know, this has nothing to do with ATR.  But hey, I had been planning to import/backup my CD collection since college (roughly 6 years ago) and never was sufficiently bored/motivated to do it until the injury.  I really gotta say though, my butt hurts from sitting on my chair for so long!  Too bad now I don’t know what to do with my time!

One Response to “Triumph!!!”

  1. Wish you could do mine for me, we bought some special radio/turntable/cd player thingymajig that is supposed to put your old vinyl, cd’s etc. onto the computer. Half the time it just doesn’t work. Even when you shout at it it still doesn’t work. Given up now, will keep old records even though they are just collecting dust.

    I have had a major triumph for me as well, I mowed the grass on Saturday and cut some hedges, but, I’m exhausted as here in what is commonly called ‘RAINY’ Manchester the sun is cracking the pavements, its hot hot hot.


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