My calf is shrinking!!!

I was so excited today.  I finally got to take my boot off to shower after days of avoiding showering due to the intense yoga positions needed in order to keep my injured leg from getting wet.  My excitement died when I saw my leg.  First off, the stitches and everything are just ugly.  Then there was the approximately 2″ yellowish purple bruise on the inside of my foot near the heel.  And finally, my calf has already begun to shrink noticeably after barely 2 weeks of no activity.  I had been noticing my boot/splint getting looser day by day but I just though my leg was trying to wiggle it’s way out.  A visual and physical check revealed that my calf has shrunk to just barely bigger than my arms, and that is just weird.  I guess I should be thankful my leg wasn’t much hairer as other people have described. 

The showering was more difficult too since I was always in fear that one wrong step without my boot on and who knows what might happen!  After the shower I was almost too happy to slip my boot back on.  My ankle felt safe and secure in its little black abode. 

My doctor told me to start PT during week 3.  Does that mean the start of the 3rd week (i.e. now…. 2 weeks after my surgery) or after 3 weeks?  Me being the genious that I am I didn’t ask when he told me about it.  The earliest PT with a doctor I could schedule is on the 28th of July which is about 4 weeks after surgery.  The PT prescribed for week 3 (or 4?) is very simple though.  Just move my foot up and down 5 times, 2 sets, 3 times a day.  I tried doing it while in the shower but was only able to move my foot about 1″ both directions.  Would there be any ramifications if I started too early? 

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  1. dont worry about your calf at the moment it happens to us all . as for pt im 5 wks post op and been told not to do anything and no weight bearing … so not sure every case is different as for boot mine is also hanging off ……….got apt on 22 nd so hopefully new boot or cast…… good luck x

  2. dont start too early. follow doctors and pts orders to the dot. u dont want to push it and cause a re rupture. god knows weve had so many this summer.

  3. I was assigned PT at Day 16, which I believe is considered Week 3 (0-7 days is Week 1, etc.). Btw, which ortho group do you have? I am over at SMOG.

  4. I’m going to a wedding in August. I don’t think I will participate in the Chicken Leg dance.

  5. i’m not sure i understand your question daveleft. i am part of the great hmo that is kaiser permanente

  6. I saw that you were in early PT and was wondering if you were at SMOG (Santa Monica Orthopaedic Group) too.

  7. I got told by PT the only visit i had to PT on the day my cast was removed as i tore my achilles again the next day when i fell, so back in plaster. Muscle starts to waste away within 24 hours after not being used so after weeks there is going to be a rather odd looking chicken leg this shocked me also. A sports therapist friend of mine told me i can do calf muscle pumps when you basically tense your calf release 15 reps of this 3 sets. Check this with your doc 1st though i don’t want to give anyone wrong advise. Apparently it helps with muscle wastage

  8. Chowder, I can sympathize with the “shrinkage”. I get mad everytime I take my boot off. We’re pretty much at the same stage. The shower thing scares me though. Plan on sticking mostly with the “Cowboy Shower”. LOL

  9. daveleft, i live near santa monica but i’m stuck at kaiser cadillac (west la). thanks for the suggestion dancer, but fear of cramps prevents me from trying (my calf was pretty cramp prone pre-injury). my calf is so small now! i have to tighten the boot a little more everyday!

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