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About a week after the surgery my injured side (right) calf started to feel the way calves do immediately after cramping up.  I thought that was strange considering I’m obviously not using that calf for anything.  I noticed in the FAQ(question 9, post-op to 4-weeks) that there was a question about that very issue but there was no answer.  Since there was no answer on the website and I’m a lazy researcher I decided to ask my doctor… and I already forgot what he said.  Hahah.  It wasn’t a very good answer anyways.  It was along the lines of, “Your leg is going to feel that way and it is possible it can cramp up (even without any activity).  Unfortunately you cannot stretch your calf out like you normally would since it has to be kept in the same position so you will have to just deal with the pain.  SUCKS to be you!!!”  Obviously he didn’t say the last part and I don’t want to sound like I am bashing my doctor since he has actually been really great.  He managed to squeeze me in special for that first post-op after just a week despite his staff insisting that his schedule was fully booked until August.

So for the first post-op he (or rather his nurse) removed the staples from my leg and it immediately felt better.  There is essentially no more pain and no more need to ice or elevate the thing!  Although the foot still does tend to swell if I am standing/crutching for too long.  Ok, maybe I do still need to elevate it but I can definitely feel an improvement and am no longer a slave to Vicodin.  They also put me in the boot, which got me all excited because I noticed a lot of people on this site have had to wear a cast for 2-6 weeks and I was only stuck in my splint for 1 week, but then I realized the boot is heavier, uglier, warmer, and also a lot bulkier.  And I can’t take it off anyways since I’m still completely non-weight bearing.  But I guess it’s progress and that is always good news. 

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