It’s not all bad….

I got to ride the electric shopping cart thing at Target without looking immature (despite my immature look)!  Too bad the actual ride was a disappointment though.  It has no power and when you back up it starts beeping like a truck (which drew a number of chuckles).  All in all a good time!!

Something I learned on my little outing.  Don’t wear jeans when you have a cast.  It’s like wearing a bullet proof vest.  It feels fine if you aren’t moving around, but the second you do start moving around it heats up in an instant and the heat doesn’t have anywhere to go.  End result: you sweat like a pig.

4 Responses to “It’s not all bad….”

  1. highlight of my week going shopping been to 2 different supermarkets and found out which one is faster so sticking with that one hee hee ….keep smiling xxx

  2. I took a great home video of me shopping in a cart at Wal Mart..I think we all have been there

  3. I would love to have had a ride on one of those, but, as I cannot drive a car I was worried I might bring down all the displays.

    You look as if you are going to enjoy yourself over the next few months.


  4. The scooter at Target by my house is by far the most powerful out of Wal-Mart, Lowes and Dicks Sporting Goods :) Target is my store of choice since it has the fastest scooters.

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