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Hi, I’m a lazy guy.  I came across this site because I ruptured my achilles and I wanted to know how long I could lie around at home before I would be forced to return to the working world.

To anybody who sees this, I think this is a really valuable resource so thank you mr creator of this site, I appreciate it so much because it saves me, the lazy guy, from actually having to go out and do any research.

For those curious why I registered on this site: I got the injury playing basketball on 7/2/08.  I had been dominating my buddy all day on the court and I had just stolen a pass for probably the 10th time that day.  I heard my friend utter some expletives and then it felt like he kicked me in the back of the foot.  I was all like “dude, you didn’t need to kick me!”  And he was all like “what are you talking about, I didn’t kick you!”  It then proceeded to hurt like a MF for about 20 seconds.  After the pain subsided it looked and felt like nothing was wrong until I tried to stand up.  My foot felt like it was completely dead and boy did it hurt.  To make a long story short, I went to the doctor and he gave me the bad news and now here I sit, on my chair, for the past week…..  just waiting for the day I can walk again.  I was really fortunate though.  I got the surgery the day after I got injured, which is a major miracle if anybody knows anything about Kaiser.


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  1. i think it depends on what type of work you do .

    if it is laborous and physical - you might need a lot of time .
    if its just desk jobs - you might need to go back sooner .

    some peole need the $$ that they cant afford to be out of work and had to go to work with this injury.

  2. Welcome from England to this Club,

    Me thinks you are really going to enjoy your recovery time, but let me tell you, you soon get fed up of daytime TV, videos, you tube, etc.

    But, you really will enjoy checking out this site every day,

    Good luck

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