Posted by: chocolata | 28 June, 2010

20 weeks after ATR (Hi from Japan)

My moving from UK to Japan went well in April - about 10 weeks after my ATR. I traveled in the AirCast boot with 2 crutches. Thanks to my husband, I flew in business class and could keep my leg up all the time :)

One week after my arrival, I had to move to Tokyo from my hometown to take up my new job. The first month in Japan was really hectic; I had to do everything by myself because my husband had to remain in the UK because of his business and my new job involved long commute - 2 hour each way!

Although I managed to ditch the AirCast boot in week 14, I had to keep using one crutch till several weeks ago. As you may know, passengers on a packed metro were like animals, pushing each other to make their way to get out/in the train. I was once knock over and fell over on other passengers’ lap, who were sitting in a priority seat! It was a really scary experience :(

Norm, thanks for your messages. I wanted to post a note here earlier, but I was too tired to do anything since I moved to Japan. After giving 3-4 lectures a day, my foot swollen a lot and all my energy was drained on commute. In April and May, I was like a zombi everyday after coming home from work. Even at weekends, all I could do was to rest and to do preparation for my classes :(

This is my 20th week from ATR. I forgot to count the number since I started walking without the boot at the end of May - around the 15th week. I started cooking properly from time to time at weekends, while during weekdays having nice ready-made dishes which were warmed up in a microwave with some salad. I love cooking, but I really didn’t have energy to stand in the kitchen after work for a long time.

For my recovery, I can do 2-heel raise now. I must say my recovery has been in a slow lane, but I am pleased that I can walk without any support :)

In Tokyo I’ve met up with 11 Japanese who had ruptured their AT, with whom I had exchanged comments via a site over the Internet while I was staying in the UK. At the meeting we shared more information about our rehabilitation programmes and it was great to talk with them in person! One of them suggested to make a web page showing our AT and everyone agreed to have their AT photo taken :)

It’s time I went to bed. I will try to post more later.

Happy healing, everyone!


Welcome back, C, and thanks for the update!

Did you meet with that alternative healer (Sumo therapy?) you were talking about?

I’ve been a bit in the slow lane, too. About 6.5 months in, no-op, and I’m just now getting strong enough to lift my heel off the floor with my knee straight (and not far off the floor, so far). It’s easier with bent knee, for some reason. It’s not holding me back when I bicycle or sail, which are my two main summer activities, so I’m not working hard or worrying about it.

Other than strength tests, it feels very healed and normal. I still sometime elevate, but I think it’s out of force of habit now, and because it ALWAYS feels good! (Saying no to putting your feet up is almost as dumb as saying no to a massage!)

Judo, not Sumo. My mistake.