All clear

Today marks 8 weeks from surgery and given the all clear for resistance therapy, training, running (if I could) and testing of the tendon. Meaning it’s 90 percent healed and I can push within my limits. I removed my boot 10 days ago and started wearing low side running shoes if my ankle could fit into a shoe that day. I limped around a lot with bare feet just around the house being careful. Such a relief getting out of that uncomfortable boot. The biggest pain has been on the sole of my foot and heel. The ankle swells in the afternoons if I’m on my feet too much, which has been the case with travel and finally getting back to work last week. I still ice nearly everyday and elevate to help swelling. So pleased to have recovered quicker than expected. So happy to have been apart of the Achilles blog learning from all your comments and advice. Best of luck to everyone.

first appointment, boot advice

met with doctors assistant yesterday to remove splint and clean up incision. It looked really good, minimal swelling, no redness. The scar was a lot longer than I’d expected, looking forward to next weeks appointment with surgeon when he gets back into town to see what happened during surgery and be updated. I’ve been very diligent the first week with icing every three hours or so, keeping the foot elevated, lowering it often to send blood to the area for repair. Taking supplements and being healthy. So far I’ve made no mistakes bumping the leg and have managed not falling down the stairs on crutches. A couple close calls middle of stair case not sure if I’m going forwards or backwards!

Does anyone have any advice on boots and have any experience using the Vaco boot advertised on this site? During yesterdays first visit they were going to fit me with their in stock air boot. I was not sold by the docs assistant explanation of the boot, their method of inserting removable lifts beneath the heel to give angle to the foot and his general attitude "this is all we have". Once you put it on it’s yours so I showed the Vaco boot to the doc and mentioned I’d be purchasing this one since insurance is paying for it.  They put me back into a splint for the week until it arrives. I really like the features of the vacuum boot, adjustable ankle angle and weight bearing markers, along with sales pitch of recovery time 25% shorter! Any good or bad comments about this boot?

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