15 week post - A year older

Almost 15 weeks have passed since surgery and I’m slowly healing. Since I’m not the one working in China I’ve a slighly different problem, compare to a lot of you out there, too much time for thoughts and exersice! The mental part is that in a way you get obsessed with this blog, not writing [...]

10 week post - Waking up muscles

Today is 10 week day post surgery. I’m pretty surprised that time do flies. Remember first day looking in my calendar and everything seemed so far away for recovery. Now it started and I’m waking up my muscles again. Maybe even finding new ones! I try to start every day with biking in the gym. [...]

Feeling Happy - 8 week post

Saw Dr after 8 week post and was cleared to start walking in 2 shoes, with crutches of course, in the house, yeah;). I’m still swollen around ancle and think that’s part of my hip issues, so working on that part. No surprise that I have hip problem with limping for 4 weeks before surgery [...]

6 weeks post surgery

Last week, Thursday, about 5 weeks post surgery my foot was all blue! Got really scared and was able to find a good Dr. I was told I needed to do more ROM and was set up with a PT. Monday was my first visit. He surprised me with starting out tough which I’d like. [...]

Full ATR

First I’d like to thank all postings on this website, it already helped me a lot.
Feb 15th, I slipped on the white lines while playing tennis, only 15 min more to play. My friend took me to the hospital and they did xray that didn’t show anything. 48 hours rest with RICE and after that [...]

Hello world!

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