15 week post - A year older

Almost 15 weeks have passed since surgery and I’m slowly healing. Since I’m not the one working in China I’ve a slighly different problem, compare to a lot of you out there, too much time for thoughts and exersice! The mental part is that in a way you get obsessed with this blog, not writing but reading so maybe time to log out? Another thing is the insurance, sending you email saying: accrording to us your rehab is finished. How would they know without asking either me or my PT.

We have rain season in Shanghai meaning a lot of rain and humidity. So what do I do, the gym in the morning and the pool in the afternoon. My PT says it’s good with a day off now and then. I agree but….it’s so easy when both places are in the same building as you.

My status at this point is that I’m still having some scar tissues that been blocking me. I can walk in flip flops again, yeah. My single raise is still to come. My injured calf is looking better than not injured, haha. I’ve kept my weight. Over all I’m looking forward. One more visit to PT it’s a little scary though, he’s been really great.

My goal was to be back on the golf course before end of June, yes, booked for Thursday 7:30.

Being one year older made me wiser meaning: less achillesblog, more golf (will see after Thursday), not going to the gym doesn’t mean you have to sit home reading a book.

Yes we can do it!

A couple of more days before heading home for 6 weeks, I’m ready;)


2 Responses to “15 week post - A year older”

  1. Let me know how the golf works out - I am around 15 weeks as well and I would like to get to the driving range this weekend (for the first time) then hopefully a round of golf after that.

  2. @Ryan

    Best thing I’ve done in a long time. A bit scary on the first 2 holes but after that it went very well. No expectations from my side and maybe that’s why it went so well. Little tired on the last 2 holes. Lost most strokes on putting, haha, greens a bit slow. I did have a golf cart though. My PT fully supported me in this. No pain after. Go for it

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