10 week post - Waking up muscles

Today is 10 week day post surgery. I’m pretty surprised that time do flies. Remember first day looking in my calendar and everything seemed so far away for recovery. Now it started and I’m waking up my muscles again. Maybe even finding new ones! I try to start every day with biking in the gym. It’s a good exercise and you’re loosing up your foot and tendon. It’s also one of a few things you can do feeling normal. For heel raises I do sitting with some weight on leg (Rice, 2,5 kg) and a small towel under my toes. Good exercise can be find on vacoped uk site.

My crutches is having a rest and I’m learning to walk in 2 shoes again. It goes up and down. I’d had some issues with my sprain (I think) limping 4 weeks before surgery had made me use my foot in a wrong way. My PT had taped my foot to have it back in a good position and that and hip problem is slowly getting solved by hard work. I do think I have a good progress and I barely have any pain. Ankle is still swollen and PT works a lot with scar tissues.

My hobbies used to be tennis, golf, jogging and hiking so doing all new exercise is certainly waking and finding new muscles. I’d like to tell you all out there make sure you do exercise the right way so you’re waking up the muscle you want to. It’s very important. Don’t rush through it to just have it done and over with.

Of course we can do it;)

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  1. Forgot to mention a good exercise for balance, one foot in front of the other, close you eyes, sounds easy, it’s not!

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