Feeling Happy - 8 week post

Saw Dr after 8 week post and was cleared to start walking in 2 shoes, with crutches of course, in the house, yeah;). I’m still swollen around ancle and think that’s part of my hip issues, so working on that part. No surprise that I have hip problem with limping for 4 weeks before surgery and 6 weeks after with NWB. I highly recommend an “Even Up” on not injured foot. Made in China but only available in US! I’ve been to a PT 2/week and will continue with that until my foot is a bit more flexible. My achilles is very tight but guess that’s normal. I’ve also started biking in the gym, about 20-30 min every other day, will increase to every day soon. I live in a compound with a small gym and guess I’m the first one visiting with crutches, haha.

I feel very happy that things finally starting to move in the right direction and also to have (finally) a Dr (Dutch) and PT (Aussie) that I feel comfy with.

Will say it again, this blog is sooo good, thx to all!

Of course we can do it!

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  1. Hitting the stationary worked wonders for me, starting at week 6. It was tough to go more than a few minutes at first for me, but within several days I was up to 20-25 minutes a session. Tightness is very normal, and will loosen up considerably by around week 11-12. Then after you start really blasting it in exercises/lifts, it’ll cramp and tighten up again. Good luck.

  2. Thanks, feels great to sweat a little. I also makes me feel more confident with my walking.

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  3. Congratulations! I too am feeling happier. I am a few weeks behind you but am starting to feel like I am moving forward. Saw my Doctor and was given the OK to start PWB after 6 weeks post op. Going for my first physio in a couple of days. Looking forward to loosening up my ankle.
    Is the “even up” to balance out the boot and good leg? We definitely need something!
    I’ll continue to watch your posts.
    Continued success.

  4. @Brenna, yes Evenup is to balance out the boot and good leg. I had a lot of hip issues due to not having mine in the beginning. It’s a cheap investment. Keep up the good mood we will do this;)

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