6 weeks post surgery

Last week, Thursday, about 5 weeks post surgery my foot was all blue! Got really scared and was able to find a good Dr. I was told I needed to do more ROM and was set up with a PT. Monday was my first visit. He surprised me with starting out tough which I’d like. He did dry needle, sort of acupunture, massage on my scar and calf and showed me some exercises. I’ve also started PWB. So good.

It’s very interesting how different info we seems getting from our Dr. Asking my PT this, I was told, mostly Asian Dr treat you very conservatively but the Western are more sport oriented.

Anyway, he asked if I had any tennis balls, me injured from tennis!, to use. If you google it you will found a lot of tips for hip reliefs.

Again I’d like to thank you all for the info I’ve got from you, if it wasn’t for you, not sure were I’d be now;)

Of course we can do it!


2 Responses to “6 weeks post surgery”

  1. Wow, I bet that was quite a scare. Good thing you saw a doctor for that, hope it turns to a normal color soon. I didn’t have a blue foot, and I don’t know what causes it (poor circulation due to being stuck in a cast?). If you are in a boot, and can take it off, maybe doing some light ROM exercises will help. Take care.

  2. Thx, started PT and had an even up thingy for my left foot. Things are moving forward fast now;)

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