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First I’d like to thank all postings on this website, it already helped me a lot.

Feb 15th, I slipped on the white lines while playing tennis, only 15 min more to play. My friend took me to the hospital and they did xray that didn’t show anything. 48 hours rest with RICE and after that off to the gym for a gentle bike ride. It was so difficult that the machine didn’t start! I had no particular pain so I continued with easy exercise. After 2 weeks limping around and still not able to put any weight on my front foot it was time to go back to Dr. He sent me to MRI and after another week passing I was told there was a gap of about 4 cm in my achilles tendon and needed surgery. The Dr says he can put me up for surgery very soon but of course I’m an expat living in Shanghai so needed to check with my insurance. Sent all paper to SOS and a lot of phone calls before they finally decided to send me to Bangkok, puh.

4 weeks after my injury I did surgery at Bangkok hospital. It went well and after 3 days in the hospital I woke up having an email from insurance saying, “according to our Dr you can leave hospital today”. They wanted to send me to a hotel, cheaper, all by myself. Not sure how they think. Anyhow, my Dr at hospital talked to insurance and I stayed in total 1 week. Transport back home was smooth with wheel chair and business class.

Now the journey begin. Apron works very well to carry around things, an office chair in the kitchen to at least be able to take care of small cooking. I can also roll over and load washingmachine, yeah, independence!

On April 2nd it was time for a revisit to Chinese Dr to remove cast and put my vacoped boot on. I met a very unprofessional Dr who was offended for not choosing him for surgery. How can he blame me? Will not be going back to this guy. Here’s when my frustration starts. Felt like I was on my own. Lucky at that time to find all you guys;)

I’m now 3,5 weeks post and countdown started. My goal is to at least be back on the golfcourse while going to Europe for the summer. Hopefully also small jogging, for tennis it might take longer, oh I miss my exercise!

Finally I need some tips on how to relax my leg, feels like I’m tensed all the time and that impacts on my groin and back.

Of course we can do it;)

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  1. Chinaexpat,

    Wow! What a journey you have already had! Thanks for the comment on my blog too. Like you said we are almost on the exact timeframe. Not being mobile is frustrating me too! The most important thing I’m realizing is that keeping yourself occupied with little things and STAYING POSITIVE is a very powerful tool. As you can see, there are a lot of us going through the same struggle you are. The good thing is that there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel based off these blogs!

    What I’m doing to relax my leg is sitting on a couch chair with an ottoman, just something where my lower body is supported too. I have cushion they gave me at the hospital and put another couple pillows on top of that. I just make sure my leg is always above my heart. With both legs supported by the ottoman and cushion, I’m not tense at all. It’s almost like I’m sitting upright in bed with a cushion proping my foot up. You feel like a couch potato but at least you know you are relaxed. Also if you are having trouble, I have an 18 month daughter who doesn’t care if I’m hurt haha. It’s actually helped bc I will play on the floor with her on my stomach with my injured leg pointed upward. It really helps stretch out the back and feels good to get off the couch and lay in a different position. While laying, you can also put a couple pillows under your foot if you want to keep it down.

    Hope I helped a little! I will keep in touch about golf! Luckily the weather where I live has been terrible so my friends can’t golf either yet hehe. Good Luck!

  2. Ross, thanks for advise. It acctually feels better just knowing you have friends out there joining the same journey;). Even though I’m on the other side of the pond hope to see you on the golfcourse

  3. hi folks, just read this and thought that it was appropriate to share

    happy healing Anette


  4. Hello chinaexpat, welcome to the blog. You should be able to play golf in 3 months. Average for walking with shoes is 10 weeks, so depending on how confident you are, and how your progress goes, you can be on the golf course in 10 weeks. But still gotta be careful because grass fields are pretty uneven and can twist your feet in different ways, so you will have to walk slowly, and carefully.

  5. HI Chinaexpat, and welcome. If you do get out golfing, try to get a golf cart. It should help to not tire the leg so much depending on how soon you get on the course. You can golf in the boot, it’s just a lot harder from what I’ve read because you don’t have the option of the ankle flexibility and all the walking can cause swelling.

    Do you wear the boot 24/7? Some times loosening it a bit can help. There are lots of posts by other posters through out the site on this issue.

  6. Hi Chinaexpat
    I too had a delayed diagnosis and am now playing catch up with my recovery as I lost a lot of flexibility in my hip and knee whilst I was first in cast after my op.
    Not sure if you’ve seen a pt yet, but there are some great protocols and blog posts which detail early flexibility exercises (I wish I’d found them sooner!).
    It will improve, good luck.

  7. @loulou thx for answer. No haven’t seen pt yet. My dr said 6 weeks with NWB and after that starts pt. Too late? Don’t think I’ve found the early flexibility exercises, will look.

    @metonia, yes boot on 24/7. I do have issues sleeping

    @s40love. Guess the scoring is not so important the first couple of times! I guess I’d like to push myself a little but not so much that there will be a re-ruptur

    My friend has set me up (facetime) tomorrow with her sister who’s a pt. Hope I’ll get some answers that I can share.

  8. hi chinaexpat, just posted something similar else where, check my name ‘pozaicer’ and you’ll see it.

    there is nothing stopping you from doing ROM at home, without bearing weight. this is absolutely essential for a healthier outcome.

    The ROM can be DONE very early, from about 4 weeks onwards or when you go down to no wedges or a ‘flat angle’ on the foot. in the meantime do make sure you curl your toes as often as possible whilst in the boot


  9. @pozaicer, thanks, trying to find your post. My issue is still not having a dr around who can say to me that I’m ready for pt. I do wonder if a pt is able to judge correct if I can start?

  10. chinaexpat

    six or half a dozen? difficult question… the PT /ROM exercises early on are not onerous and as far as i’ve read in protocols this is advised on all ‘average’ cases.

    as i’ve mentioned before ROM exercises must be non weight bearing till clearance from your doctor. even when you start wearing weight the ROM will probably be recommended in a pool (to avoid loading too harshly) or with no weight on.

    your PT may be able to advice yes, but i would put my faith in whoever is more competent and you trust.

    my PT, who i fully trust, wouldn’t even massage the tendon till well into the 15week and onwards. so it all depends on protocol and personal history.

    if you check the rehab pages here you’ll find several examples of that the ROM exercises are and you’ll see that there is no need for a PT to clear you for them. specially the ones about crunching up a towel with your toes and drawing with your big toe are really good.


  11. @pozaicer, thx a lot.

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