15 week post - A year older

Almost 15 weeks have passed since surgery and I’m slowly healing. Since I’m not the one working in China I’ve a slighly different problem, compare to a lot of you out there, too much time for thoughts and exersice! The mental part is that in a way you get obsessed with this blog, not writing but reading so maybe time to log out? Another thing is the insurance, sending you email saying: accrording to us your rehab is finished. How would they know without asking either me or my PT.

We have rain season in Shanghai meaning a lot of rain and humidity. So what do I do, the gym in the morning and the pool in the afternoon. My PT says it’s good with a day off now and then. I agree but….it’s so easy when both places are in the same building as you.

My status at this point is that I’m still having some scar tissues that been blocking me. I can walk in flip flops again, yeah. My single raise is still to come. My injured calf is looking better than not injured, haha. I’ve kept my weight. Over all I’m looking forward. One more visit to PT it’s a little scary though, he’s been really great.

My goal was to be back on the golf course before end of June, yes, booked for Thursday 7:30.

Being one year older made me wiser meaning: less achillesblog, more golf (will see after Thursday), not going to the gym doesn’t mean you have to sit home reading a book.

Yes we can do it!

A couple of more days before heading home for 6 weeks, I’m ready;)


10 week post - Waking up muscles

Today is 10 week day post surgery. I’m pretty surprised that time do flies. Remember first day looking in my calendar and everything seemed so far away for recovery. Now it started and I’m waking up my muscles again. Maybe even finding new ones! I try to start every day with biking in the gym. It’s a good exercise and you’re loosing up your foot and tendon. It’s also one of a few things you can do feeling normal. For heel raises I do sitting with some weight on leg (Rice, 2,5 kg) and a small towel under my toes. Good exercise can be find on vacoped uk site.

My crutches is having a rest and I’m learning to walk in 2 shoes again. It goes up and down. I’d had some issues with my sprain (I think) limping 4 weeks before surgery had made me use my foot in a wrong way. My PT had taped my foot to have it back in a good position and that and hip problem is slowly getting solved by hard work. I do think I have a good progress and I barely have any pain. Ankle is still swollen and PT works a lot with scar tissues.

My hobbies used to be tennis, golf, jogging and hiking so doing all new exercise is certainly waking and finding new muscles. I’d like to tell you all out there make sure you do exercise the right way so you’re waking up the muscle you want to. It’s very important. Don’t rush through it to just have it done and over with.

Of course we can do it;)

Feeling Happy - 8 week post

Saw Dr after 8 week post and was cleared to start walking in 2 shoes, with crutches of course, in the house, yeah;). I’m still swollen around ancle and think that’s part of my hip issues, so working on that part. No surprise that I have hip problem with limping for 4 weeks before surgery and 6 weeks after with NWB. I highly recommend an “Even Up” on not injured foot. Made in China but only available in US! I’ve been to a PT 2/week and will continue with that until my foot is a bit more flexible. My achilles is very tight but guess that’s normal. I’ve also started biking in the gym, about 20-30 min every other day, will increase to every day soon. I live in a compound with a small gym and guess I’m the first one visiting with crutches, haha.

I feel very happy that things finally starting to move in the right direction and also to have (finally) a Dr (Dutch) and PT (Aussie) that I feel comfy with.

Will say it again, this blog is sooo good, thx to all!

Of course we can do it!

6 weeks post surgery

Last week, Thursday, about 5 weeks post surgery my foot was all blue! Got really scared and was able to find a good Dr. I was told I needed to do more ROM and was set up with a PT. Monday was my first visit. He surprised me with starting out tough which I’d like. He did dry needle, sort of acupunture, massage on my scar and calf and showed me some exercises. I’ve also started PWB. So good.

It’s very interesting how different info we seems getting from our Dr. Asking my PT this, I was told, mostly Asian Dr treat you very conservatively but the Western are more sport oriented.

Anyway, he asked if I had any tennis balls, me injured from tennis!, to use. If you google it you will found a lot of tips for hip reliefs.

Again I’d like to thank you all for the info I’ve got from you, if it wasn’t for you, not sure were I’d be now;)

Of course we can do it!


Full ATR


First I’d like to thank all postings on this website, it already helped me a lot.

Feb 15th, I slipped on the white lines while playing tennis, only 15 min more to play. My friend took me to the hospital and they did xray that didn’t show anything. 48 hours rest with RICE and after that off to the gym for a gentle bike ride. It was so difficult that the machine didn’t start! I had no particular pain so I continued with easy exercise. After 2 weeks limping around and still not able to put any weight on my front foot it was time to go back to Dr. He sent me to MRI and after another week passing I was told there was a gap of about 4 cm in my achilles tendon and needed surgery. The Dr says he can put me up for surgery very soon but of course I’m an expat living in Shanghai so needed to check with my insurance. Sent all paper to SOS and a lot of phone calls before they finally decided to send me to Bangkok, puh.

4 weeks after my injury I did surgery at Bangkok hospital. It went well and after 3 days in the hospital I woke up having an email from insurance saying, “according to our Dr you can leave hospital today”. They wanted to send me to a hotel, cheaper, all by myself. Not sure how they think. Anyhow, my Dr at hospital talked to insurance and I stayed in total 1 week. Transport back home was smooth with wheel chair and business class.

Now the journey begin. Apron works very well to carry around things, an office chair in the kitchen to at least be able to take care of small cooking. I can also roll over and load washingmachine, yeah, independence!

On April 2nd it was time for a revisit to Chinese Dr to remove cast and put my vacoped boot on. I met a very unprofessional Dr who was offended for not choosing him for surgery. How can he blame me? Will not be going back to this guy. Here’s when my frustration starts. Felt like I was on my own. Lucky at that time to find all you guys;)

I’m now 3,5 weeks post and countdown started. My goal is to at least be back on the golfcourse while going to Europe for the summer. Hopefully also small jogging, for tennis it might take longer, oh I miss my exercise!

Finally I need some tips on how to relax my leg, feels like I’m tensed all the time and that impacts on my groin and back.

Of course we can do it;)

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