Finally…2 months Post-Op and the Cast is Removed

June 10th, 2008

My conservative Doc and PA finally removed my cast yesterday after 8 long weeks…

However, they were quite surprised/shocked by how good everything looked including my ROM…Of course I neglected to tell him I was on my own “accelerated” plan…I started PWB 1 week post-op…I was FWB by week 4…I constantly exercised (the old foot pedal deal) and wiggled within my cast for 8 weeks…I am quite sure my accelerated plan helped with the favorable results so far…

I also found that a “moderate micro-brew therapy” is quite helpful…

I was now told that I needed to be in an air-cast brace for 4-6 more weeks while walking…And of course I cannot legally drive in NYS with a cast/brace on…

However I am sure I will somehow “accelerate” the latest time-table also…

I FINALLY will get to settle into my Hot Tub tonight…

And to steal a line from William Wallace and Craig…”FREEDOM” !!!

Post-Op…1 month…Not so comical but Not so bad

May 12th, 2008

The Chilidog is starting to lose his patience and sense of “comedic relief”…I am glad to see most ATRers are progressing so well…

However, my “conservative” Doc wants me in this 2nd cast for a total of 6 weeks (a total of 8 weeks in both casts) …I was trying to compromise for a 4 week deal but the PA (his wife) told me he has a standard/strict protocol of 6 weeks…Does this strike anymore as “too conservative” ???  I feel like I may have to take matters into my own hands…”Sorry Doc, but the cast just accidentally fell off” !!!  

I am supposed to be following a PWB approach but I will admit to doing much more PWB/FWB than I was told…I feel like I am almost ready to take off and start walking again…

I have really been in good spirits and staying occupied to this point but now the timeframe is starting to weigh on me…However after viewing Kristin’s post I cannot complain !!! 

Personally, I think this is some sort of conspiracy by the Doc since he obviously did not appreciate my “drug-induced” trash talking of his golf game during my surgery !!!

We all at least I am going on a “golfing weekend” this Friday of course I will not be golfing…It will be nice to have a refreshing change of scenery and hang out with my pals…I will enjoy the good humored “inevitable abuse” they will throw at me…

Later ATRers,

The Chilidog 


ATR Surgery - 04/11/2008 - Slightly Comical

April 22nd, 2008

Surgery Performed…04/11/2008

Sedation Style…Local Block with “sedation cocktail”

Surgery Locale…Ortho Medical Center specializing in Sports Rehab

It took awhile to totally numb the surgical area…I believe the block definitely helped the post surgery pain…All went well in surgery

Comedic Relief…The “sedation cocktail” induced me to speak freely during surgery…I felt like I was in a semi-conscious state…I was able to answer questions but I was still “lost in space”…I was informed I started talking about Bear Sterns and the stock market for awhile which I do not remember…However I do remember telling the anesthetic Doc that I was in the “Matrix”…He asked who I was and I responded with “Neo”…I  asked the Doc if he had the key to get us out of the room…I told him he was the “keymaker” (ala the Matrix movie)…He then proceeded with some Matrix related questions…Suddenly I heard someone call out the surgical Doc’s name…I then said “Doc, are you here”…Upon his affirmation I told him that “as soon as we are done here I was going to kick his butt on the golf course” !!!

In the recovery area the anesthetic Doc was beside himself with laughter just looking at me…The nurses told me it had to be outrageously funny since he usually is so serious…I guess when people start babbling they usually increase the cocktail to shut them up…However in my case they kept prodding me with questions to hear more foolishness…I apologized to the surgical Doc for calling him out during surgery…He was fine with it and told me we had a golf date where I would have to back up my trash talk.

I just hope I do not have a re-rupture since I am scared what will come out of my “drug induced mouth” next time !!!

Hello world…”Pop” goes my Achilles !!!

April 20th, 2008

Welcome to

Purpose of this blog…To provide comedic relief…To help pass time on the couch…To provide a few ”serious” thoughts…To go down in Achilles blog history !!!

Rupture Date…04/06/2008

Rupture Location…1st really nice spring day of the year in Buffalo,NY…I know it’s hard to believe there are actually “really nice days” in Buffalo…Of course this one took over 3 months

Definition of a “nice spring day” in Buffalo…32 degrees and sunny 

Definition of a “really nice spring day” in Buffalo…60 degrees and sunny        

Rupture Incident…In my role as a weekend warrior DB, I was covering the pass route of my brother in law

Rupture Sign…The “infamous” POP !!!

Worst Rupture Pain…My brother in law caught the ball

Worst Rupture Pain #2…Really not much pain…I think the actual sound of the POP was the most painful experience on Rupture Day

Immediate Rupture aftermath…Beer and Ice did not help me “walk off” the injury…I realized I needed to seek help…I went to an immediate care facility