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January 24, 2010

The Struggle

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The struggle by ShoZu

The struggle by ShoZu

“We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong.  The amount of work is the same.”  - Carlos Castaneda

Sometimes the hardest part of recovering from any injury is not the physical recovery, but rather finding the mental strength to make it through.  Our bodies are incredible; with a little care they can heal themselves whether from injury or surgery.  Our minds on the other hand can make the healing process challenging.

An Achilles injury is a humbling experience.  Breaking a sweat just making it down a hallway with crutches, having to sit on a chair to take a shower, needing someone else to get you a glass of water are some of the many hurdles to overcome.  It is frustrating to need so much help for the simple daily tasks we take for granted.  If that is not enough for you, there is the list of things you have to put on hold now.  So much for that yoga class you just started, it will be another six months at least before you will run again, that weight loss goal - not going to happen and so on and so on.

My point here is not to be a downer.  Rather I want to recognize that the negative, discouraging thoughts will without a doubt creep in, but we have the opportunity to Rise Above This.  We have been given the chance to regroup, to focus our efforts on other areas, maybe even things we have been neglecting.  I actually have time to “sit down” and write a blog post, something I have wanted to dabble at for over a year.

It is not going to be easy, in fact sometimes its so hard you just might break down and cry.  However, we do have a choice.  We can let it get the best of us, or we can use the struggle to make us stronger.  The choice is yours.

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