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Hi after having my last wedge removed from my Moon Boot I am experiencing a sharp spasm like pain now and again whitch last 2 or 3 seconds. I have no pain when going through my routine excercies or to the touch. It is now 12 weeks since my Rupture. Is this pain to do with the healing process?

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  1. Probably a good question for your doc or PT but since it has come after a wedge has been removed and there is no other pain during exercises then I would not be overly concerned. Sometimes there are adheasions as the tendon heals or scar tissue and as you put more pressure on the area these break away and cause pain. For some it happens quickly and they think they have re-ruptured. It could also be nerve pain. If it continues for more than a week then I would consult your doc. You are 12 weeks locked up which is a bit long so you are travelling a very conservative route. How long before 2 shoes? Once at that point you should start catching up but you will have to wake all the muscles up. Probably in for some more pain and your re-rupture period will be slightly extended. If it is scar tissue then it has had a bit longer to take hold and you could feel it let go.

  2. I’m at 8.5 weeks and have also experienced random sharp aches that don’t last very long. I mostly seem to get them when I’ve had boot adjustments or I’ve done new or a different amount of exercises. I usually get them when the foot is resting. After the move to neutral in the boot I got them quite a lot, so I think that they are caused when the tendon gets stretched and then probably heals or adjusts for the stretch. I’m not sure. For me they go away 2 days after the adjustments. My achilles still seems connected when I test it, so I try not to worry about them too much, I assume they’re like growing pains. Good luck! I hope yours go away soon too!

  3. Hi Beanie
    Thank you for your much appreciated comments to which I can totally relate to. My pain also comes when sitting still while resting. When the pain flashes through my Achilles I have no other pain or discomfort and when rubbing the Tendon all feels normal. The pain feels like a nerve spasm which takes your breath, but as you say it is most likely growing pains after the Achilles being worked. I am due to leave the boot behind in two weeks time [after 6 weeks] and get into two shoes and learn to walk again.

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