New Pain

Hi after having my last wedge removed from my Moon Boot I am experiencing a sharp spasm like pain now and again whitch last 2 or 3 seconds. I have no pain when going through my routine excercies or to the touch. It is now 12 weeks since my Rupture. Is this pain to do with the healing process?

Blood Clot During Achilles Recovery

Hi After over 5 weeks in plaster cast and doing everything I was instructed to do to aid my recovery I suddenly developed a pain in my back when breathing in. I was eventually taken into hospital where a CAT SCAN revealled that I had a rather large blood clot on my Lung and that I had also developed Pnuemonia. I am now on Warfarin for the next 6 months and injection 150mg of Clexine daily. The hospital say that this blood clot has came from my healing Achilles. My concern now is that by thinning my blood with the Warfarin will this hamper the strengthening of my new Achilles.

Hi tomorrow I visit hospital yo have the front of my cast cut away after 4 weeks.I will be in this situation for another 4 weeks and I hear that this is the most uncomfortable period of recovery.Is that correct