May 16

Havnt posted since the 22 week mark, so time for an update regarding a massive milestone for me.

Last time I mentioned that the target was running, which I achieved around the 24/25 week mark and have been increasing it to the point of sprinting and more recently really going at it with interval training. Jogging for a minute then pelting full on for a minute, which I can keep up for a good 20 minutes (around the 5km mark).

Last month I went on a friends stag do, where we had a very mild kick about with a volleyball, was happy that I could strike the ball but nobody would come near me for a challenge! Last week the physio cleared me to begin football training, said to “get back on the grass” and to continue interval sprints, twists and turns to replicate playing in a match.

Today I rallied the lads for my first official kick about in the park. I think they were all really surprised to see me kick a ball and sprint around. I would say I was putting in around 80% effort (didnt wanna overdo the first session) and am now sat here pretty much pain free! Bit of stiffness but all of the training is paying off. Im glad I managed to keep up with everyone, scoring that first goal felt amazing.

My next target is to keep having the kick arounds, say 2 a week, continue gym work and then back into the 5-a-side pitches for a semi-competitve game!

I have felt massive improvement in the last few weeks, my injured leg actually feels stronger than the other, probably due to all the focused training around that leg and neglecting the uninjured leg!! Need to work to ensure both are on the same level of strength.

I have visited the site less frequently than the early days, where this site helped hugely and I thank everyone for advice and support. I am at the point that you think you’ll never get to when you’re sat there in a cast!Guys, it does get better, patience is key.

So, to sum up - Non Operative Treatment - 7 months and 20 days later - playing football again. Awesome.

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  1. 1 doug53
    12:57 pm - 5-16-2010


  2. 2 mikek753
    1:46 pm - 5-16-2010

    glad to hear you recovered without op just fine ;-)
    I’m in no-op club as well.
    Would you mind to write about your protocol and milestones? What ever you remember. Pls.
    Especially in weeks after ATR:
    1. FWB
    2. shoes
    3. 2 heels rise
    4. 1 heel rise
    5. walking normal
    6. 1st run / jogging
    7. 1st jump
    8. etc. you think important


  3. 3 chana7
    3:02 pm - 5-16-2010

    Hi Mike753, have a read through the rest of my blog for indications of the milestones you’re after. I can’t remember of the top of my head to be completely honest. Also, there is somewhere on the website that logs a bloggers PWB, FWB, 2 shoes dates….let me see if I can find it….

  4. 4 chana7
    3:04 pm - 5-16-2010
  5. 5 normofthenorth
    12:32 am - 5-17-2010

    My fave line in that whole list is something like “Not stepping on the cat” as the way one person tore an AT!

    Way to go, Chana, it sounds great! (I think it’s another sign of healing that we start forgetting the details of our rehab progress, and send people to our blogs, because the blogs remember!)

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