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Feb 28

Thought I would write a bit of an update as its been a while…

Im now into week 22 (to the day!) of my recovery and (*touches wood) everything is progressing well. I started driving around the 13/14 week mark and have now been driving long distances comfortably enough. My FULL range of motion is back 100% and having seen the physio this weekend, he confirmed that its even better than my other foot!! I think thats because I’ve been putting most of the emphasis of strecthing the injured foot.Having a sports therapist who understands my desire to get back to football helps greatly.

I am walking without a limp most of the time, unless the footwear in question is completely flat!! Even then it isn’t noticable. Gym work has increased significantly, good 45 minutes of mixed cardio. Walking upto the speed just before jogging and at a steep incline (stretches out the foot nicely), bike work and cross trainer. Resistance constantly increased and can pretty much go full pelt. I tried a steady jog in the gym which was manageble but didn’t want to try anything before consulting the physio.

The physio (this is the one who works with the professional footballers) has said the I could “probabaly get away with it but its that 10-20 percent risk”. As such he is happy that I am way ahead of schedule and has given me exercises that concentrate on the explosiveness and strength required to get back to running in approx 4 weeks. These excercises are things like jumping!! Jumping would you believe!! More specifically jumping from a squat position and landing on your toes back into the squat position. Also single calf raises from a squat position amonst other more advance stuff which I can’t describe very well!! Calf muscle is still smaller obviously but not far off and not massively noticeable. Oh I’ve been swimming once a week to mix it up too.

So, hopefully in a month I will be running (although I can jog now but am listening to the physio) which will feel fantastic Im sure. I think the most “pain” I get is when Im sat at my desk all day and don’t have the opportunity to walk and stretch as much much as I could. Also, days are better when Ive had my workout at the gym, always feels more comfortable (even normal) subsequent to a workout. Stiffness is at a minimum in the mornings now, just a few stretches and walking around making breakfast sorts it out!

I wanted to make another point here and that is regarding physio. The physio Ive had from the NHS has been not been hands on AT ALL. No massage, nothing. Just a check up every week to check progress and new excercises. Pretty useless to be honest. Private physio has been the same better as he measures, pushes, prods and really tests the tendon and I only see him between programme steps (the last one being 6 weeks and I wont see him for another 4). My lovely mother massaged my foot (with some homemade special oils!) every day in the early stages but now every few days. For me the physio has been a checkpoint for progress and to obtain advice and new excercises to keep pushing progress.

I really am starting to feel normal now, the only thing missing is the running which I will work hard to achieve. I now often stop and feel massive relief for being over the earlier days where I was so down. Guys, keep positive, it gets better every day. I will update once I start the next stage of my programme……..jogging/running….

Take care and good luck.

P.s. In prep for running Ive ordered a pair of Nike Free 5.0. Went to Nike store in London and tried them on and they are VERY comfortable!!

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