Jan 11

So this morning I finally attended my first physio “session” (will justify inverted commas later) that was “arranged” (these inverted commas are sarcastic and suggest that it was me chasing to get it arranged and not the NHS!) by the NHS.

Just a shade under four weeks have gone by since the boot was removed and I have got quite a decent range of motion back, nearly there. Today I was expecting pulling, massaging and challenging myself. Didnt really happen.

It was brief, she asked if I had any physio, I told her I had one private session, she was impressed with ROM and progress. As a result I was far down her checklist, further than she expected me to be. I think thats age on my side (I’m 24). I was asked to walk, do some heel raises, continue heel raises at home…….that was it. Build strength. See you next week…ok. She did mention an ankle class which she will put me on, sounds interesting.

I went straight to the gym, got on the bike for 30 mins to make up for lack of challenge! Maybe its protocol to start slow and to be totally honest after doing my sets of heel raises there is a new aching sensation which I needed to ice! Ive also booked in a private session as he was more keen on massage and actual treatment.

So until the next NHS physio I will continue heel raises and build that strength up because you really feel that lack of calf muscle! I also have a private session and will get myself to the pool for some swimming!!

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