Dec 30

So its been 2 weeks and 1 day since Ive been out of the boot. Since then Ive had one private (expensive) physio session and been continuing the excercises given to me by the hospital. The original hospital were referring me to a closer hospital to my home, said it would take around two weeks….

….So I chased it up. Rang Nottingham hospital who said it was referred on December 21st, “maybe its been delayed by the post?” said the lady. Rang Derby “nope we’ve recieved nothing yet”. Rang Nottingham etc etc. She will chase it in the morning.

Its so frustrating not being able to trust the NHS. Yes its free, for which Im eternally grateful for but is it a good service? Is it efficient? Ive had to chase every single one of my appointments, ive had to wait in so many pointless waiting rooms. Waiting for another waiting room.

So Im sitting here in the dark still waiting for an appointment for physio. Time to raid the piggy bank for another private session me thinks.

What are the usual turnaround times for the NHS on referrals? I had refrained from laying into the NHS up until now (theyve lasted 13 weeks to be fair!) but I needed a rant.

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  1. 1 linda atterton
    5:53 pm - 1-2-2010

    I work in the nhs and at points have mentioned our so called free health service. It isn’t equitable when it comes to this. If you want to have physio you may well have to pay. I have to say after my 1 hour with Bupa’s sports injury clinic I don’t regret it, only that the system is such. Have never had such an in depth assessment and although am not FWB yet, am finally in trainers and sleeping without boot, with much better movement and sensation in foot. He gave me the confidence to try things. I see him again on Weds. Good luck whatever, but its a choice we have to make, if we can afford to.

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