Dec 24

So Ive been in two shoes for a week and a half, had one physio, been doing my stretches etc. A bit of swelling which Ive managed with RICE. Im in week 12 day 2. So my two quick questions are…

1) When did you ditch the crutches? I have stopped using them as I feel better without. Im going to the pub tonight without them having ventured into town the other day with one crutch. Won’t be doing a great deal of walking, just to the bar! A big limp of course but the doesnt bother me.

2) What shoes are people wearing? At home Im wearing Nike Cross Trainers, high-ish heal, comfortable enough and stretches the tendon a little (good for strengthing I guess). However, for going out a pair of fat air max nike 90s, large heal much more comfortable to walk in. Link below…theyre ugle but comfortable believe me.,pwp,c-300/hf-791+4294967255/t-Nike_Trainers_iD#l=shop,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-300/pid-280043/pgid-184501

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  1. 1 Doug53
    11:23 am - 12-24-2009

    Pub = drinking = impaired balance, less attention to possible dangers. Be careful!


  2. 2 GerryR
    10:48 pm - 12-24-2009

    I agree with Doug.

  3. 3 jackdw2
    6:42 am - 12-25-2009

    I got a “cain” at local drug store…helps keep some weight off the right leg and also let’s others know I am “cautious” - people tend to give you more room if they know you are having trouble. Only use cain sparingly. In third day of FWB, two shoes.

  4. 4 chana7
    4:25 pm - 12-26-2009

    Cheers for the concern guys, much appreciated! Well I successfully negotiated my first night out on Christmas Eve, 2 feet FWB, no “support”. I didnt do much walking, just to the bar and back as mentioned, got relatively merry and more importantly, for the first time since “it” happened I fealt “normal” (am I over using the inverted comma??).

    I now speak to every single person that I see on crutches (3 in the pub that night!!) and offer advice! I am going out with the fellas for a pool tournament tomorrow, not sure how well I can really play but wont if it doesn’t feel comfortable. Still waiting for the NHS physio refferral but continuing the excercises in the mean time…

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