December 15th, 2009 Archive

Dec 15

So 11 weeks and 2 days since that fateful day where I ruptred my achilles whilst playing football, I am finally back in a pair of trainers.

The last few days have been agony, waiting, unable to sleep. Should I take the boot off to sleep? Theres only one more night, just soldier it! The apprehension. Has it healed? Will they let me out of the boot? How will it feel?

Well as I waited in 2nd waiting area (is the first waiting area just to put you into the second waiting area!?) I was greeted by the third consultant Ive seen (flippin NHS!) in 3 visits. In pops a chirpy man, gives me the history of my surname (he was from India), tells me to take off the boot. Ok. Does the thompson test, I saw it move, thank God. Says its all fine. Now can you walk around please.

What!? Without the crutch? Yes. Okkkk. So I slipped on that right trainer that the left has missed so much and tried. It wernt too bad but was much more comfortable using the one crutch. He happily referred  me to the physio and told me to take it easy and not to play football until at least the 6 month mark. Like I was about to get up and go straight to the pitch!

The physio  was a lovely lady who walked me through the excercises which were fairly comfortable, only pulling it back is a stretch. I was also given a sheet with an excercise plan until the physios at my local hospital could see me. The leg has of course lost much muscle but Im not worried as I know it will come back with hard work.

So, predictably the first thing I did when I got home….washed the foot. Bathed it like never before, scrubbed it, massaged it, moved it around. Then I went through the first round of excercises (3/4 times a day!). As I sit here with my foot up I am full of a new optimism, I will complete the excercises religously, I will work hard at physio and I WILL get back to football. Not before the 6 month mark of course.

Bring on physio.

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