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Dec 08

So today was the day that the final wedge was removed and I am now officially flat footed! Usual routine, in, clean foot, clean boot, exchange pleasantries with nurse Lucy, remove wedge, out. What was different this time was that it was hopefully the last time. I am due to see the consultant next week and am hoping (and praying!) that the boot comes off.

Over the last couple of weeks the skin on the ball of the foot has gotten pretty bad and as a result I had a dressing put on last visit (like a small ’special’ plaster) which worked wonders. The skin is better but how it craves a warm soak in the bath! Sleeping without a boot, wow, how will that feel?

Intrestingly as I approach the tailend of being in the boot, time has slowed down even more! Has it healed enough? Will it hurt going into two shoes? How long will I be limping? Can I risk having a drink over Crimbo and falling over? How long will I walk like Keyser Soze (movie buffs out there)? Anticipation.

These questions will be answered shortly…que a long 7 days…

Hope everyones recoveries are going well…blog soon.

P.s. I know some people are having difficulties commenting on my page, not sure what it is but will look into it!

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