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Dec 30

So its been 2 weeks and 1 day since Ive been out of the boot. Since then Ive had one private (expensive) physio session and been continuing the excercises given to me by the hospital. The original hospital were referring me to a closer hospital to my home, said it would take around two weeks….

….So I chased it up. Rang Nottingham hospital who said it was referred on December 21st, “maybe its been delayed by the post?” said the lady. Rang Derby “nope we’ve recieved nothing yet”. Rang Nottingham etc etc. She will chase it in the morning.

Its so frustrating not being able to trust the NHS. Yes its free, for which Im eternally grateful for but is it a good service? Is it efficient? Ive had to chase every single one of my appointments, ive had to wait in so many pointless waiting rooms. Waiting for another waiting room.

So Im sitting here in the dark still waiting for an appointment for physio. Time to raid the piggy bank for another private session me thinks.

What are the usual turnaround times for the NHS on referrals? I had refrained from laying into the NHS up until now (theyve lasted 13 weeks to be fair!) but I needed a rant.

Dec 24

So Ive been in two shoes for a week and a half, had one physio, been doing my stretches etc. A bit of swelling which Ive managed with RICE. Im in week 12 day 2. So my two quick questions are…

1) When did you ditch the crutches? I have stopped using them as I feel better without. Im going to the pub tonight without them having ventured into town the other day with one crutch. Won’t be doing a great deal of walking, just to the bar! A big limp of course but the doesnt bother me.

2) What shoes are people wearing? At home Im wearing Nike Cross Trainers, high-ish heal, comfortable enough and stretches the tendon a little (good for strengthing I guess). However, for going out a pair of fat air max nike 90s, large heal much more comfortable to walk in. Link below…theyre ugle but comfortable believe me.,pwp,c-300/hf-791+4294967255/t-Nike_Trainers_iD#l=shop,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-300/pid-280043/pgid-184501

Dec 22

So I have been out the boot for a week and a friend recommended a physio that specialises in sports injuries and had worked with premiership footballers. He worked for Derby County (now not in the premiership) so I was eager to see him, I want to get back to football.

The week out of the boot has been nice, great being able to shower and sleep with some normality again. Yesterday I walked around town with one crutch, has been pretty swollen since but have continued excercises and elevation. Just waiting on the NHS physio referral so went to this specialist.

He gave me a lot of advice. For example, to not use one crutch - use two if you need to use them, better posture/excercises, ice massages, the first targets etc. I need to work on stretching the foot back and get that range of movement back before we can start on strength. He said that it is based on my dedication to the excercises and usually takes around 4 weeks.  The physio also noticed that due to the manner in which I had been walking, one leg appeared slightly longer than the other, so he reset my back which seemed to do the trick!

I have been walking around without crutches with a big limp but have used crutches outdoors in the current icey conditions hitting the UK! So it has been swollen, I need to ice more, vital apparently.

Im more optimistic after the session, hes treated many professional players with the injury (he named some names, last player was Giles Barnes if anyone know their football…) and although professionals have to have surgery, that non professinal athletes having the conservative method breeds strong results but just requires more management than the surgical route.

My new big fat chunky air max nikes arrive in the post tomorrow, my foot craves more comfy trainers!

Dec 15

So 11 weeks and 2 days since that fateful day where I ruptred my achilles whilst playing football, I am finally back in a pair of trainers.

The last few days have been agony, waiting, unable to sleep. Should I take the boot off to sleep? Theres only one more night, just soldier it! The apprehension. Has it healed? Will they let me out of the boot? How will it feel?

Well as I waited in 2nd waiting area (is the first waiting area just to put you into the second waiting area!?) I was greeted by the third consultant Ive seen (flippin NHS!) in 3 visits. In pops a chirpy man, gives me the history of my surname (he was from India), tells me to take off the boot. Ok. Does the thompson test, I saw it move, thank God. Says its all fine. Now can you walk around please.

What!? Without the crutch? Yes. Okkkk. So I slipped on that right trainer that the left has missed so much and tried. It wernt too bad but was much more comfortable using the one crutch. He happily referred  me to the physio and told me to take it easy and not to play football until at least the 6 month mark. Like I was about to get up and go straight to the pitch!

The physio  was a lovely lady who walked me through the excercises which were fairly comfortable, only pulling it back is a stretch. I was also given a sheet with an excercise plan until the physios at my local hospital could see me. The leg has of course lost much muscle but Im not worried as I know it will come back with hard work.

So, predictably the first thing I did when I got home….washed the foot. Bathed it like never before, scrubbed it, massaged it, moved it around. Then I went through the first round of excercises (3/4 times a day!). As I sit here with my foot up I am full of a new optimism, I will complete the excercises religously, I will work hard at physio and I WILL get back to football. Not before the 6 month mark of course.

Bring on physio.

Dec 08

So today was the day that the final wedge was removed and I am now officially flat footed! Usual routine, in, clean foot, clean boot, exchange pleasantries with nurse Lucy, remove wedge, out. What was different this time was that it was hopefully the last time. I am due to see the consultant next week and am hoping (and praying!) that the boot comes off.

Over the last couple of weeks the skin on the ball of the foot has gotten pretty bad and as a result I had a dressing put on last visit (like a small ’special’ plaster) which worked wonders. The skin is better but how it craves a warm soak in the bath! Sleeping without a boot, wow, how will that feel?

Intrestingly as I approach the tailend of being in the boot, time has slowed down even more! Has it healed enough? Will it hurt going into two shoes? How long will I be limping? Can I risk having a drink over Crimbo and falling over? How long will I walk like Keyser Soze (movie buffs out there)? Anticipation.

These questions will be answered shortly…que a long 7 days…

Hope everyones recoveries are going well…blog soon.

P.s. I know some people are having difficulties commenting on my page, not sure what it is but will look into it!

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