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Nov 24
Me after having the second wedge out today.

Me after having the second wedge out today.

So today was the day of wedge number tow being removed (3 in total) and down to 1 wedge in the boot.

To be completely honest there hasnt been much to report over the last two weeks, I seem to be used to the state Im in and just get on with it. I have spent a lot of time thinking of all the things I want to do and places I need to visit when I am able to walk on my own two feet. I also spend the few minutes after getting into bed staring at the calender on my phone (anyone else do that?), ticking off another day and reassuring myself of how near the next milestone is. In this case, 2 weeks untill there are no wedges left in the boot. I have been walking around wihtout the crutches which feels fine, is that FWB?

Oh Ive started a an excercise regime if anyones interested:

Every day - 20 min workout - 20 arm curls (10kg) on each arm, 20 sit ups, 20 press ups - 5 sets (or as many as you can manage.) Gets the blood rate going and is a good all round body cruncher! I call it the 20twenty! :)

So today I went to occupational therapy. Lucy cleaned the boot, I stared at whats left of the leg, had a look around the foot to see how bad the skin is (not particularly nice), out went a wedge, and back in the boot. Off ya go. Routine.

However, as I went outside to book another appointement I met Lucys next patient who also had a boot on. Couldnt help but ask …

“What ya done fella?”

- “Done me achilles playing football, you?”


- “How far are ya?”

“Just had the second wedge out, you?”

-”About to have the second wedge out too, you must have done it same time as me?”

“September 27th?”


Small world. So we got talking, had a good old moan about how boring it is, how messed up the skin gets and expressed concerns of whether it was healing ‘under there’. It just goes to show how common the injury is and how we all have the same concerns and fears going forward.

Im honestly at the point where I pray that its healing and with strength so I can resume normal life come the new year. Life has become easier (or have I just got used to it…) and so I begin another 2 week cycle ready for flat foot!

Bring on 8th Decemeber. Good luck on your recoveries. Blog soon.

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