November 10th, 2009 Archive

Nov 10

So today was the day when I hit the first milestone in the boot, the 2 week mark, removal of 1 wedge.

Its been an odd couple of weeks…I remember looking so forward to getting the cast off but quickly realised that the boot had its own set of problems. It took me some time getting used to walking with it and Im still not used to sleeping with it on (I actually remember the cast being more comfortable to sleep in ironically, not that Id want it back on!).

As the two weeks went on I started to bare more weight until more recently walking with one crutch on the good side and occasionally without any crutches. Although I havnt done that often with the fear of not wanting to push the tendon beyond its limits. It has felt like progress. So much so I ended up in town with the lads on Saturday night (yes I left early but its just not the same when you’ve not ought to drink!). Oh and the “not drinking” thing? Ok Ive had a couple of beers and a glass of wine on my friends birthday but have seriously cut down! Good to have a little detox!

Ive also started working from home as of last week, bonus to have some routine back in life. Its a little boring though as there is only so much “bod work” you can do from home and am missing out on all the exciting stuff back in the office, the career path has stalled slightly but will get back on it as soon as I can. Friends and family have been great but Im feeling more independant, able to semi walk and carry stuff around. Feels like that road, you know the one….recovery.

Anyway, back to today. I met the lovely Occupational Therapist, Lucy, who will be ‘managing’ my foot over the coming weeks. I will be seeing her every Tuesday for a sock change/foot clean/wedge removal (every two weeks). So today was the first wedge removal, first milestone in the boot. When the boot was opened (first time in two weeks remember!) it absolutely stank! Like…well….wearing the same sock and boot for two weeks and not taking it off! Poor Lucy, the girl cleaned it with a smile on her face! The foot was then cleaned with the most beautiful warm water to have ever touched my skin. Talking of which, the skin isnt in a great state which is to be expected. There is some muslce loss but Ive always had stubby legs so doesnt look too bad at this stage. So the boot got taken away and cleaned, new sock applied, wedge removed….then the moment Id been dreading…

When the boot first went on it was very painful placing the foot on the third wedge so I was expecting the same pain when the next wedge would be removed. Painkillers on stand by…oh. It wasnt painful at all, just a mild stretch. A good sign says Lucy…phew.I then reeled off the questions I had written down.

“So how do you know its healing if you havnt had surgery Lucy?”

“It just seems to mend itself, the human body is an amazing thing”

Sound silly when I write it down but she said it in a way that made me feel better, she had seen it before and her calming reassurance is what I needed.

So here I am, getting used to wedge number 2 and starting the 2 week cycle over again. Im now in week 6 of 12 of recovery (not including physio of course) and feel like progress is being made. Yes there are low times, you cant get away from that but they are less frequent and normality is resuming slowly. Roll on next milestone….Novemeber 24th…wedge number 1.

In the mean time I wish you all the greatest of progress in your individual recoveries, take care, blog soon.

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